Imam on Fox News: ‘I believe some journalists need to be beheaded’

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ImamWhile appearing on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta van Susteren,” Imam Abu Taubah (a.k.a. Marcus Robertson), said that he believes “some journalists need to be beheaded.”

According to Mediaite, van Susteren asked brought up the subject of James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS.  He told her: “I believe some journalists need to be beheaded, but I wouldn’t have done that.”

Mediaite added:

Van Susteren was, of course, stunned, but he told her, “I only say that facetiously.”

She pressed him whether he’s could justify ISIS’ activities. He said he didn’t.

Here’s video of the segment:

Van Susteren also asked if ISIS should be stopped.  His answer? “Don’t we have our own problems here?”

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He also has no problem with stoning women to death for adultery.  And he doesn’t think much of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, either.  He did like Bernie Sanders, however.

Keep this in mind the next time we Hillary and the Democrats tell us there’s nothing to be concerned about with certain groups…


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