Imagine A Vaccine “So Safe” You Have To Be THREATENED To Take It, For A Disease “So Deadly” You Have To Be TESTED To Know Whether You Have It

(Natural News) Imagine if everyone who died in the past four years from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, diabetes, murder, vehicle accidents and suicide were all tested for gingivitis, and everyone who tested “positive” was documented as “died with gingivitis.” Then, even though 70 percent of adults already suffer from this, it was called the novel “variant” of gingivitis and the CDC called it the G-19 “pandemic.” If the symptoms were the same as other minor infections, and rarely deadly (except for people on the brink of death from serious sicknesses already), wouldn’t EVERYONE question the label “died with gingivitis,” especially if you were forced by the government to get multiple “vaccines” for it – dirty vaccines that cause vascular clotting, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and death themselves?

Most people who test “positive” for COVID-19 have minor symptoms identical to people with common colds, allergies and vaccine side effects.

If you were allergic to a certain medication, and then the doctor prescribed it for you to take, then you had symptoms of an allergic reaction to it within hours or a few days, would you think you were coming down with a disease, with the exact same symptoms, but a weaker case of it, thanks to the medicine you’re allergic to, that you just took a few hours or days ago? It seems absurd, but that’s the epitome of the entire COVID-19 scamdemic.

Did you know that thousands and thousands of people who were vaccinated for COVID-19 still came down with the sickness, but the CDC buried those files and statistics? Do you know why? Because the vaccines are the sickness, and that’s why the populace was threatened with loss of their jobs if they did not take them.

Is America headed for a recession?

Did you know that thousands of infants documented to have died from SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, had received deadly vaccines just days before dying? That’s right, new research reveals about half of all baby deaths from “SIDS” were babies that just got vaccinated within 48 hours prior to dying. Do you know why? Because it’s the vaccines that are deadly, and that’s why the CDC forces children to get 70 vaccines before age 7 if they want to be eligible for daycare and school (even though that’s illegal to implement).

Most COVID-19 cases are so mild that the “victims” don’t even know they have it

For most healthy humans, especially children, contracting COVID-19 was barely noticeable, if at all, and certainly wasn’t a death threat, as the CDC and WHO would have us all believe. In fact, the symptoms were so mild, you would think the “infected” person simply had a head cold, or some allergies acting up, or even nothing at all. Is that why everyone was told to be tested for COVID, or test themselves with a haphazard “home kit” that often made people sick due to chemicals in them, not to mention the masks people wear?

Maybe the entire “pandemic” was “documented” as such because there were millions (if not billions) of false-positive PCR tests, and had all of these healthy people never taken the tests, the statistics of “infected” humans would have been next to nobody. This deserves careful consideration.

And now that we know the COVID vaccines are NOT safe and NOT effective, everyone should be questioning the 4-year narratives spread by the highly corrupt CDC, FDA and WHO. Think about it for a minute. Imagine a vaccine “so safe” you have to be THREATENED to take it, and for a disease “so deadly” you have to be TESTED to know whether you have it. It just doesn’t add up. Get smart, use common sense, take natural remedies to ward off infections, and don’t fall for the scamdemic, because there are certainly more “waves” of plandemic coming soon to a PCR theater near you.

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