Illegal immigrants demand free organ Transplants

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I don’t know about you, but I am pretty damn sick of these criminals “demanding.”  They want free transplants?  Let’s give it to them.  We can transplant them from LA to Juarez.  How dare these criminals demand an ever increasing amount of our tax dollars for everything under the sun.  They even want discounted college costs that American citizens don’t get.

Illegal immigrants have staged a protest in front of a prominent Chicago hospital, demanding free organ transplants.  According to Judicial Watch, all the protesters are from Mexico.  This demand is joined by other demands from illegal aliens such as, driver’s licenses, discounted college tuition, welfare, and the same civil rights as legal US citizens get.

Marchers paraded back and forth in front of the hospital carrying signs with sayings like,

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How would you feel if a burglar broke into your house and demanded that you feed and clothe them?  Give them driver’s licenses?  It’s gotten to be a real joke.




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