Illegal immigrant student at Berkeley: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by ‘beating the s–t out of white people’

Illegal immigrant at Berkeley suggests beating white people for Cinco de Mayo.
Juan Prieto (Facebook)

Two days after receiving UC Berkeley’s Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Recognition Award for Service to Undocumented Students, Juan Prieto, an English student at the college who also happens to be an illegal immigrant, suggested “beating the s**t out of white people” to mark Cinco de Mayo, the Daily Caller reported.

“Let’s celebrate 5 de Mayo by going to Dolores Park and beating the s**t out of white people, in the spirit of La Batalla de Pueblo,” he said on Twitter before protecting his feed.

Not a problem, because the Daily Caller grabbed a screenshot of his offensive tweet:

Cinco de Mayo“I’m an atheist because heaven has a border, and f**k borders. [ Queer | Pessimistic Hoe | Undocumxnted | Writer | Slytherin ],” his Twitter bio reads.

Real nice…

The Daily Caller added:

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Prieto to ask about his tweet publicly encouraging race-based acts of violence. He was dismissive and insisted TheDCNF was just trying to get him bullied.

“It’s Twitter,” said Prieto to The DCNF. “I post dumb shit on Twitter all the time. Aha. But I see how this fits into your agenda, and no matter what I say, you’ll write your article so that I continuously get threats for the next two weeks until white supremacist [sic] have another person of color to attempt to silence via virtual bullying.”

Prieto, the Daily Caller noted, citing his Facebook profile, is the social media coordinator at UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program, which provides academic help, legal support, and financial aid info to illegal immigrant students.

Rob Shimshock continued:

The English student posted his speech at the Chancellor’s Awards for Public Service ceremony to his Facebook profile.

“My mom broke legal bounds to get me here,” stated Prieto, “and that’s what we need allies to be doing.”

“I need you to break laws with us. Break the legal bounds, untie your hands because tied hands are not going to get us anywhere.”

Nice.  And to think this is what our colleges are producing.


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