Ignorant German volunteers applaud migrant jihadist songs at reception center

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ignorantAccording to reports, Muslim migrants at a reception center were captured on video singing jihadist songs.  German volunteers, apparently unaware of what the songs were, applauded.

A rough Google translation of an article at LesObservateurs.ch said:

It’s in the air, emission of 14 October 2015. The Iraqi and Syrian Christians were isolated in special reception centers after being continually harassed. One of them bears witness to France 5: “At our home, volunteers had set to music, the Arabs have theirs, jihadi songs, and German volunteers clapped their hands without understanding”

The image sums up the situation: the Arab install Islamism, leftists not understanding what is happening rejoice of living together that exists only in their fantasy world. Carnage in perspective.

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A video report — in French — can be seen below:

And it’s quite possible we’ll see more reports like this.  An animated map posted by Liberty Unyielding’s Ben Bowles shows the migration in real time — and it isn’t pretty…

Exit question: Would American liberals applaud if the same thing happened here?

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