If this is true we need more global warming

If this is true we need more global warming
If this is true we need more global warming

Trade your in your Toyota Prius for a coal-rolling gigantic truck with a V-8 diesel engine in it, because we now will need global warming, if what we’re not being told is true. Trade in your four cylinder car for one with the biggest eight cylinder engine you can find, and drive as much as you can and burn all the gasoline you can afford to buy. Maximize your carbon footprint as much as you can afford. It will be needed to save the planet, and us too, if what we are being told is correct.

The Huffington Post recently cited a claim by a climate scientist named Professor Vlentina Zharkova of Northumbria University, who predicted that the sun is going to burn cooler by 2030, triggering what scientists say is a “mini ice age.” By predicting solar cycles more accurately with new technology, Zharkova says sun activity will drop significantly between 2030 and 2040.

Combining both waves together and comparing to real data for the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions showed an accuracy of 97 percent,” said Zharkova. “In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other — peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun. Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum’.”

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Zharkova says there was such a “Maunder minimum” between 1645 and 1715, where rivers froze in Europe and North America. Such an event is predicted to happen yet again starting in 2030.

If that is the case, and we human being really do cause global warming, then we have a responsibility to cause some global warming to make up for this coming cooling. So increase your carbon footprint, trade in that compact car for a gas-guzzling SUV, and book many more airline flights too. We need to cause more global warming.

[Editor’s note: I’m all in for the mother of all barbecues...]


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