Idiots at White House: Obamacare will give mom ‘piece of mind’

pieceofmindThe White House wants to control not only one-sixth of the entire economy, but every aspect of your daily life.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand basic English.

On Thursday, the administration tweeted a message promoting Obamacare that said it would give mom a “piece of mind.”


That’s “piece” as in “a piece of cake,” not “peace,” as in “give peace a chance.”

Examiner reported:

“As far as typos go, it might not be quite as precious as this 2012 ‘pubic affairs’ spelling mistake from the University of Texas, but you can’t get much more high-profile than the White House ― and its 4.4 million Twitter followers,” Yahoo! News said.

An earlier tweet contained a picture of Obama holding a sign that read, “Nobody should go broke just because they get sick.”

Conservatives had fun with that tweet, Yahoo! said, resulting in what Eric Pfeiffer called “at least one golden Internet meme,” with a number of people changing Obama’s sign.

So, they want to control our lives, force us to use a site that has been described as a hacker’s wet dream, threaten us with all kinds of fines if we don’t, audit us and call us racist if we disagree, but they can’t even manage something as simple as English?

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I think not.

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