Idiot white leftists call black reporter a white supremacist — Video

white supremacist
Screengrab: YouTube

In a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday by The Rebel Media, a black reporter is called a white supremacist by a gaggle of low-information white liberals.  You actually have to see this nonsense to believe it (Warning: Graphic language):

Ezra Levant said the entire crew at the protest event were either Jewish, female, black or gay.  But according to these numbskulls, they’re white supremacists and Nazis.

“What they’re saying is … visibly untrue,” blogger Lauren Southern said.  But truth has no place in the modern left which views anyone to the right of Josef Stalin as a Nazi.  She went on to chide the protesters for their childish antics which apparently included turning tables over and beating trash cans.

One woman, she added, was so distraught by Levant’s presence that she began disrobing.  Levant joked that he wished he had that power when he was younger.  As the video shows, a rather flabby liberal female actually began to remove her shirt in what Levant described as -5 degree weather.

“But at least she wasn’t threatening violence,” Levant said.

This, by the way, is the modern left in all its unhinged glory…


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