Idaho town puts up signs declaring: ‘This is not a gun-free zone’ — Video

Not a gun-free zoneStories like this remind me why I love living in Idaho (Besides the beautiful scenery and the fact that it’s probably the most Republican state in the country…).  A town in the Gem State has put up signs letting visitors know that it is not a gun free zone.

“This is not a gun-free zone,” reads the signs, attached to the Greenleaf city limit markers.

Here’s video, courtesy of KBOI:

There’s plans to put up five more signs.

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Greenleaf City Councilman Steven Jett says that a common denominator in all the recent shootings is that they all took place in gun-free zones.  And he’s determined that it won’t happen in his community.

Good for him.

Of course, the anti-gun crowd and liberal snowflakes won’t be happy about the signs.  But Second Amendment supporters like it just fine.

Welcome to Idaho…



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