ICE Orders Police to Release Illegal Alien Who Attempted Abduction of 13 Year Old

illegal-in-custody-Getty-640x480If there ever was any doubt that Obama favors illegal aliens over Americans, this should remove it.  Nothing they do is grounds for deportation, it seems.  Elias Lopez, an illegal alien, began harassing a thirteen-year-old girl from across the street in Detroit, Michigan.    Soon, he made his way over to her and told her to come with him.  The girl refused and he pulled a hundred dollar bill out of his pocket, then tried to grab her arm.  The girl was able to get away. She ran until she got to a friends house and the police were called.

The police found Lopez, who was given a breathalyzer test, which found that at .19, he was two times the legal limit.  He had peed his pants and they took him to jail.  Lopez had never been able to touch the girl, so he was charged with being disorderly.  Knowing it was much more serious than that and with the knowledge that he may have been successful in the past and/or could be in the future, they called ICE.  ICE ordered the police to release him, putting a sexual deviant with a thing for underage girls back on the streets.

When the story broke, the community was outraged and it forced ICE to do what should have been done in the first place.  ICE arrived at a Mexican restaurant named MiZarape and took Lopez into custody.  He will be held in the county jail until his deportation hearing.

Police Chief Tom Lindberg then said something I found odd:

“I’m very proud ICE did the right thing.  I think the community will appreciate that [ICE] came out to get him. We don’t want this person lurking around Milford. I wanted him out of here.”

What is there to be proud of?  That they initially let him walk or that they arrested him only after being pressured into it?  I don’t blame the agents who are under orders, but I do blame his superiors and the White House, who set the new rules of engagement for illegal aliens.


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