I Fear For The Life Of President Donald Trump

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Donald Trump didn’t need much protection in 2016.

The Democrats’ overconfidence was palpable. Hillary Clinton’s arrogance was clear right up to Election Day, when she disappeared, and later when she claimed he cheated. She was never accused of being an “insurrectionist,” by the way. She never ceased making the accusation, but she remains a semi-viable candidate for a rematch.

What about Donald Trump? People from the Deep State, America’s intelligence agencies and every Democrat recklessly insisted from day one that he was a stooge for Russia. That’s all we heard – Russia, Russia, Russia. It turned out that Hillary was colluding with Russia through an inept memo, misused by the intel agencies for his four years in office, that had no credibility whatsoever.

He was impeached twice and survived the Jan. 6 charade. Now his opponents are sure they can convince the American people that he should not be permitted to run again, despite the fact that he is more popular than ever.

It’s no wonder. Joe Biden is too old, too senile and provably incapable of serving as president for his two years in office. He did Trump a service. He was an anti-Trump monolith that turned America into a surveillance state, a police state, a gangster state.

Now, Donald Trump’s home has been raided in an unprecedented move by 30 FBI agents. It’s like a nightmare come true. No other president has had his post-White House estate invaded in an unannounced attack. It was sanctioned by Attorney General Merrick Garland – “the highest law enforcement official in the land,” a joke!

The stakes just went up. He’s been investigated more than any president without cause. There’s nothing the left will not do him – nothing. He’s enemy No. 1.

America loved this man. And this man loved America. That’s why he scares the ruling class so much.

They won’t be happy until he is gone – out of the public conversation. That’s how they protect their interests.
But listen to this.

We know that Big Tech manipulates, censors and has its way with the media. Big Tech owns the media. Ask yourself why Google is publishing the following answer to this question: “What’s the punishment for killing the president?”

A defendant found guilty of this offense “shall be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if personal injury results, shall be fined not more than $10,000, or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

The penalty seems rather paltry for such an offense. That’s because it’s not the penalty for killing the president or an ex-president. It’s the penalty for threatening the president. What do you think Google is pushing with this? What’s the motivation? It’s specifically published when anybody asks about threats on the life of Donald Trump on Google – not Joe Biden or any other president!

Is this just the doings of some young, bored Trump hater at Google? I like to think so. But in light of what is going on in this country, it’s totally inappropriate and irresponsible. In fact, in another time and place it would be seditious and treasonous, but now those terms are reserved for Trump and his massive support base.

Am I getting a little paranoid now?

What’s going on here?

Why is Trump considered so dangerous to his enemies?

Is it because of what he did for America? Or is it what he will do for it in the future? Is it because he disagrees with their priorities? Has there ever been a candidate that sends shivers down the spine of Democrats – that makes them susceptible to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

How does this end?

How can the views be reconciled?

They can’t be. No way. It’s downright scary for the future of America. Trump will not give up, thank God. But neither will the other side – until they are defeated.

We’re heading to a showdown – and it’s now.

The question on the table is this – who is legitimate?

That’s the crux of either claim. It’s a question that must be answered. It cannot be avoided. One side wins. The other side loses. No compromise is possible.

America has never seen a more dangerous time.

And neither has Donald Trump.

Pray for him! Pray for America!

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