HUSSEIN’s Internet Hand Over Intersects With Facebook’s (Social Media) Censorship: Where Is The Nexus?

Author: Adina Kutnicki

Posted on September 23, 2016

IN order to grasp a clearer understanding of world events (granted, complicating matters, as they catapult at lightening speed), first and foremost, one must learn how to examine a constantly evolving volume of moving parts attached to the geo-political landscape. Indeed, some may appear to be more transparent than others, while a preponderance present themselves as disjointed. Random. Presumably, they are judged as totally unconnected. Memo to “we the people”, wherever you reside: nothing could be further from the truth. And herein (under)lie the cataclysmic dangers.

STIPULATED, totalitarian globalists (inside and outside the U.S.) have been encircling America for decades, that is, even before HUSSEIN, the Anti-American, entered the mix. Be that as it may, step-by-step groundwork is required to set the stage for the destruction of the world’s superpower. And thus, the underpinnings of the (freedom-based) west will shatter. To said end, it necessitated theinfiltration and penetration of America’s academic (and cultural) institutions, indoctrinating generation after generation with anti-American hatred; the castrating of the American mind.

MIND you, currently, a cadre of yesteryear revolutionary graduates (some of whom are unrepentant domestic terrorists) lead the pack. Forward march, they aim toward the nation’s collapse. This awareness is key and core. Clear as a bell. Documented.

The war being waged against the U.S. by the radical left and Islamist jihadis is premised on the U.S. as the Western spear and Israel as its twin “imperialistic” cousin. It has been playing out for decades, in one form or another. Nothing has changed other than the fact that many escaped justice and are entering their senior years. Despite their advancing age, they are as dangerous as ever — perhaps more so. Bill Ayers, the foremost leader of the Weathermen “is in his third decade as a national leader in the movement to radicalize the educational training of schoolteachers”. His wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a top leader too “is a professor of law at Northwestern and a high-ranking officer in the American Bar Association.” Eleanor Raskin (ne Stein) “is a law professor at S.U.N.Y Albany and, astonishingly, a NYS administrative law judge”.Jeff Jones “currently heads the New York-based Apollo Alliance, a highly influential coalition of labor leaders and environmentalists, and was responsible for drafting President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act.”

The list of “respectable” cover, of other “notables” in the Weathermen, is equally impressive. Through a stringently planned operational “stealth jihad”, yesteryear’s Weathermen have returned, fully primed to carry out their original goal — the “transformation” of “Amerika.” Most significantly, they subvert the national interest from a distinctly dangerous vantage point. They are currently ensconced in some of the most powerful positions in academia and political life. The only difference is, this time they are dressed in “capitalist” garb, not only in their clothing choices, but in the wealth they have accumulated, paradoxically, through joining the “establishment”. Who said one can’t enrich oneself, but at the same time deny the masses/proletariat said wealth potential? Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the “transformation” process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past. Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs…..

BUT what does this have to do with HUSSEIN’s putsch to cede the internet, and its relationship to Facebook’s (social media’s mega sites) censorship? Everything.

INEXTRICABLY, when one connects the geo-political markers from HUSSEIN’s two-term reign of anti-freedom thrusts within America, as well as his Mid East/global wildfires which fan the flames for worldwide chaos, the linkages can’t help but paint a very ominous global picture: by gutting the military, squandering national assets, and stripping it from a once fearsome force to be reckoned with, the U.S. is no longer in a position to be the world’s hyper-power. Cause and effect.  

STILL yet, in order to break down America’s free-thinking basis to a point of no return, its bludgeon must be the “gifting” of said freedom-based instrument to international bodies, namely, the kleptocratic, pro-Islamist, and Marxist U.N.! 

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AND this is where ceding control of the internet – mind you, conceived and developed by America – takes center stage. Effectively, since the internet has overtaken all other forms of communication, its unimpeded access is tied and linked to the free exchange of information. In other words, if totalitarians – whether leftists and Islamists, or a combination thereof – control its domains, ipso facto, the free-flow of information ceases. Period.

“Donald J. Trump is committed to preserving Internet freedom for the American people and citizens all over the world. The U.S. should not turn control of the Internet over to the United Nations and the international community. President Obama intends to do so on his own authority – just 10 days from now, on October 1st, unless Congress acts quickly to stop him. The Republicans in Congress are admirably leading a fight to save the Internet this week, and need all the help the American people can give them to be successful. Hillary Clinton’s Democrats are refusing to protect the American people by not protecting the Internet.

The U.S. created, developed and expanded the Internet across the globe. U.S. oversight has kept the Internet free and open without government censorship – a fundamental American value rooted in our Constitution’s Free Speech clause. Internet freedom is now at risk with the President’s intent to cede control to international interests, including countries like China and Russia, which have a long track record of trying to impose online censorship. Congress needs to act, or Internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost.”

Watch what this disastrous Obama giveaway would mean to you:

 WHICH brings us to social media’s censorship in general and Facebook’s in particular. With over 1.6 billion users worldwide, Facebook is clearly the largest social media site on the planet. For all practical purposes, Facebook has become the de facto Internet since nearly ever site connects to it in one form or another.
SO is it any wonder why many free-thinkers, if you will, conservatives, have experienced the insidious hammer-blows utilized by Facebook to censor information which they deem “hateful” and against their ubiquitous and insidious “community standards?” Significantly, is it accidental or coincidental that Facebook’s banning (almost always) relates to Islam and its relationship to militant Islamic jihad, as well as any speech deemed “hateful” which goes against leftist, aka progressive, dogma? 
On the sidelines of a United Nations luncheon on Saturday, Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, the publication reported.
The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted. 
CONCLUSIVELY, as stated: “be that as it may, step-by-step groundwork is required to set the stage for the destruction of the world’s superpower, thus, the underpinnings of a freedom-based west. To said end, it necessitates the infiltration and penetration of America’s academic institutions and cultural institutions, whereby generation after generation must become indoctrinated into anti-American hatred.” Schooled.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, the likes of 72-year-old Bill Ayers (a domestic terrorist, the founder of the Weather Underground ….through a myriad of progressive illiberal entities) works hand-in-glove with 32-year-old Zuckerberg and others of his age group, up and down the generational divide. All of whom are marching toward the same end-goal: U.N. global control of the internet. Censorship. 

A + B….1 + 1…. (western) lights out!

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