Hurricane Matthew Sets Liberal Hair on Fire Trying to Advance Climate Change (VIDEOS)

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Try as they might, liberals are turning themselves inside out, hoping to advance the “climate change” narrative under the latest natural “disaster” to materialize. And so conveniently, just weeks before the election. But to their dismay, not even hurricane Matthew is buying into the hype.

Enjoy this drama by FOX’ Shepard Smith!

Don’t go crying to Shepard if you die in the hurricane. Just don’t. He’s not gonna give any sympathy. He won’t even cover your funeral.

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Man, that’s just tough love.

The Weather Channel and Shepard must be kindred spirits. Listen to this guy!

And then there is this, from Popular Science.

And then there was Matt Drudge, who was instead declaring a state of conspiracy. The founder of the Drudge Report spent his evening blasting out tweets that the storm’s forecast was grossly overblown. He even went so far as to accuse the government of exaggerating Hurricane Matthew’s intensity just to make a point about the dangers of climate change. Not kidding.

Well, maybe Matt was right. Here’s the latest on just how devastating Hurricane Matthew is…

CBS New York reported this:

Matthew weakened slightly Friday morning to a Category 3 storm, but the U.S. National Hurricane Center says it’s expected to remain a powerful hurricane.

Yeah, it’s still dangerous.

Please, don’t misunderstand. Hurricanes are dangerous, no question. Every precaution should be taken. But, unfortunately for the climate changers, there will be no scorched earth, no parts of the country will fall off into the sea, the entire population of the south will not perish.

DARN! Don’t you just hate how that messes up a catastrophe when you’re trying to impact an election?


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