Hunted Like Prey – Anti-Trump Violence in San Jose

Liberals across the country are doing their level best to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters.  And they are doing it with violence, egged on by a news media that slants the stories to make Trump supporters the bad guys.  But we found an eyewitness, so let’s get to the truth.


 Robert Garcia: I was there in San Jose, CA. I was kicked, punched, spat on, splash with water, bottles thrown at us, trump merchandise set on fire, threatened to get shot, little boys harassing senior citizens minding their own business, and of course starting fights. Total savagery from anti-Trump “protesters”. #USMCVeteran

It started with the above comment on the Uncle Sam’s page. So we contacted Garcia, who is a USMC veteran that served in Afghanistan, to find out exactly what happened.

The left has advocated violence since the beginning of the Trump candidacy. A Vox editor was suspended after reports surfaced that he told people to “riot” if Trump comes to town. From BlackLivesMatter to LaRaza, protesters have been thick as thieves at these rallies, even bringing young children to the riots.

The rally 

Garcia told us he went to the rally at about 6:30 p.m., and some of the protesters were already there. When he entered the auditorium, he noted the diversity of the crowds supporting Trump. Many different races, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, etc. were in attendance.

“I don’t really see the media reporting that.”

By the time the speech was over, the protesters had grown to a large crowd about a block and a half from the exit. The supporters left the venue and began walking down the street by several sports bars that were showing the Warriors Game.

“All of a sudden all these people were recording us, asking us if we were crazy… then a mob came out of nowhere, throwing eggs, red vegetables (tomatoes I think), water bottles.  Someone tried to snatch my phone. Some people got things torn…”

A Black man suckerpunches a Trump supporter

Attacked on his way through the mess

Robert told us that at least one person in the mob had tattoos all the way down his arms and up to his neck, reminiscent of Mexican gangs.

The mob cornered the Trump supporters and backed them up against a wall, yelling things like “You wanna get shot?” There were several people with “Brown pride” signs.

“None of us were saying much, we were just trying to get out… one guy got hit with a book bag and started bleeding. It was true savagery.”

Robert told us that 3 other Trump supporters showed up to help and a fight started, complete with kicking, punching, and being called “racists.”

Screenshot 2016-06-05 06.53.47

As he pulled his phone out, a man in the group he was with got hit in the back of the head and fell to the floor. The protesters dumped garbage on him. Trump supporters tried to push the protesters off of the man. The melee continued until 3 motorcycle cops showed up. There was relative peace for a short time while the police were there, just a lot of shouting and name calling.

Confrontation by Muslim girls- screenshot

Group of Muslim girls

Robert stayed with the Trump supporters because there was “safety in numbers.”

As they stopped at a stop light, they were accosted by a group of Muslim girls who immediately began to harass them by telling them they benefited from “White privilege.”

When Robert explained to them he was Hispanic and his parents were from Mexico, they became even more hostile and surrounded them. Robert told his companions that “we need to leave.”

“They just can’t accept the fact that I vote for policy rather than race.”

As he tried to video tape the incident, he had to watch his back. On the way away from the girls, Robert saw many Mexican flags, 3 large ones, 6 little ones. One protester was carrying an American flag and was trying to break up some of the fights.

“I give him credit for that.”

trumprallyblkolder sign
A couple of black kids attempt to steal an older gentleman’s Trump signs
The man who told the children to leave the other man alone is confronted
These kids are being taught to cause trouble

He saw two very young kids attempting to snatch an elderly man’s Trump signs, and when  a Trump supporter stepped in to tell them to stop, he was accosted by  someone who defended the children’s actions.

Trump supporters had their hats ripped off and burned by protesters.

The crowd chased Trump supporters into a parking garage, kicking the tires and rocking the cars. He could hear glass breaking as the crowds created havoc in the garage. He escaped through the emergency exit and was able to get away from the crowds.

“I did what I had to do not to get jumped. But I didn’t back down.”

Thinking about the ordeal

About an hour after the altercations, the riot police showed up, according to Robert. He spoke with three of them whom he said were very nice. As he waited for his ride home, he contemplated what had just transpired.

His safety was relative – he told us he was “kicked and punched” throughout the entire ordeal. By the time he finally returned home he had red marks left over from being hit with water bottles, food, fists and feet. But he stood his ground and kept his responses to a minimum.

“I was troubled. The whole thing reminded me of the mobs in Afghanistan that pelt people with stones. They’re savages.

I saw them snatch hats off people’s heads twice and burn them. Once you show any aggression, they become even more violent.

It was upsetting to see so many children exposed to that behavior.”

This first video was taken by Robert Garcia as he walked through the crowd. Though he couldn’t film everything that happened, he did get a huge picture of the crowds and the problems.

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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