Humanitarian aid? Shipment of weapons intercepted by Greek Coast Guard (video)

greekcoastguardThe Greek Coast Guard seized a shipment of weapons in what was supposed to be “humanitarian aid” for the thousands of refugees flooding into the country.

The shipment turned out to contain thousands of guns, ammunition, and explosives, instead of “aid.”

“Aid” linked to ISIS

Breitbart wrote,

The ship had come from Alexandretta in Egypt on to the Turkish port of Iskenderun, and was bound for the Libyan port of Misrata – a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked group “Libya Dawn.”

It was raided on Tuesday 20 nautical miles off Crete and has now been escorted to the port of Heraklion where searches began on Wednesday. The ship flies under a Bolivian flag, but its seven-member crew are thought to be from Syria, Egypt and India.

Greek language website kathimerini.gr claims the firm who are registered as owning the ship were identified by American arms trafficking researchers Odessa Network as making nine shipments to Syria in 2012, possibly from Russian and Ukraine.

shipment of weapons
Screenshot from video showing Greek authorities finding weapons inside a shipment bound for Muslim refugees

The Greek Coast Guard confirmed that the ship contained undocumented arms – containers with “weapons and explosives.” There is a Libyan arms embargo, as IS has threatened to use Libya as the gateway to Europe.

The shipment consisted of pallets with boxes containing a total of 491,950 bullets of 9mm, and about 5,000 weapons (shotguns police type) . The counting is ongoing.  According to Breitbart, the weapons and ammunition were “carefully hidden behind simple load (drawers, cupboards and plastic gymnastic mats) deep into the container.”

The agenda revealed

If this is the kind of “aid” some of the Muslim “refugees” are expecting, will it make Greece think twice about allowing the refugees in their country? It should make every nation concerned about receiving the thousands upon thousands of refugees flooding into Europe and other nations. ISIS is sending recruits into the nations of the world…pay close attention!

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