Howard Dean compares Trump voters to neo-Nazis, then claims he didn’t compare Trump voters to neo-Nazis

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Scratch a liberal, find a lying, hateful hypocrite.  Responding to news of a Georgia neo-Nazi rally that included large, burning swastikas, 2004 Democratic presidential candidate and former DNC boss Howard Dean compared Trump voters to neo-Nazis.  He later claimed he didn’t say what he said.

Dean’s response?

After getting hammered by many on Twitter, Dean ran for the hills, claiming he really didn’t say what he just said.  He compounded it by claiming that neo-Nazis are part of Trump’s voter base.

“My comment did not compare Trumps voter base with neo Nazis and I don’t think most Trump supporters are neo Nazis. It is clear, however, that neo Nazis are part of Trumps voter base and supporters,” he said.

Can you say, “hogwash?”

That tweet didn’t sit to well with many:

Let’s take a look at Dean’s base:

In 2017, Newsweek noted that Democrats launched a slogan that mirrors something used by… Communist China!

Thirty Democrats disillusioned with their party’s struggles in Middle America have unveiled a new group aimed at expanding its base beyond just the two coasts. The initiative, which comprises current and former mayors, governors, cabinet members and lawmakers, comes complete with a catchy new title, “New Democracy.”

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it was the same as that given by Mao Zedong to his theory of democracy in Communist China.

“In a word, new-democratic culture is the proletarian-led, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal culture of the broad masses,” Mao wrote on New Democracy in 1940, nine years before coming to power in China.

In 2017, a man who fled Cuba as a boy warned that the Democrat Party has been hijacked and taken over by radical socialists and communists:

In a speech to the College Republicans at UCLA on Wednesday, Rafael Dagnesses said he doesn’t want “the Democrat Party to disappear.”

“Balance is good,” Mr. Dagnesses said, reported The College Fix, “but the Democrat Party no longer exists. Rational, middle-of-the-road Democrats have been hijacked by the leftist, socialist, communist movement.”

Mr. Dagnesses, a Marine veteran who twice made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House in California’s 26th Congressional District, said his family fled Cuba after Fidel Castro’s rise to power. He said his adopted grandfather, Huber Matos, was a high-ranking member of the revolutionary party, but quickly fell out of favor with the regime.

He said escaping to America allowed his family to thrive despite their impoverished background.

Then there’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street — all far left organizations that identify with Democrats.

Maybe Dean would be better off addressing his own voter base instead of spreading propaganda and lies.

H/T Fox News Insider


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