How Vatican City’s DARK SECRETS Are Relevant to YOU +

Foreshadowed Within a Multi-year Jerusalem-Based Investigation….Revealed in 2014!

BACK in 2010, this American-Israeli investigative journalist was recruited into a major, multi-year, multi-pronged investigation. Its basis involved the tracking and tracing of pedophilia rings — with satanic-based tentacles running rampant throughout Jerusalem. Slowly, this criminal, cancerous scourge spread throughout the country and beyond. A horrific, twisted case like none other was exposed at this site, in 2014.

IT was during this investigation that the trafficking of young, vulnerable women (most of whom were deeply committed to converting to Judaism, but, unbeknownst, they were, literally and financially, trapped at Vatican/Missionary-controlled programs, albeit, masked under so-called Rabbinical supervision) within Jerusalem reared its head; deep inside the very same circle(s) of Satanic evil!

MOST tellingly, every rabbit-hole that was discovered/uncovered led straight back to the Vatican’s deep footprints/fingerprints inside the hierarchy of Jerusalem’s Catholic Church!

IN other words, years before the release of the above 2023 video, that is, exposing the evils within the Vatican’s ‘secret” recesses, this investigative journalist was given access to many of its dirty deeds.


(Cross-referenced at: Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog)

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