How Do I Lie to Thee…The Hillary Clinton Story

U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pounds on her table while testifying on the September attack on U.S. diplomatic sites in Benghazi, Libya during a hearing held by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington January 23, 2013. Mrs. Clinton was responding to questioning from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) (not in photo). REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) - RTR3CUHXOn Thursday, Hillary embarrassed herself by getting caught in lie after lie.  On Friday, she and her low information voters declared victory.  Several of the Republicans on the committee would lay a trap for Hillary and get her to repeat the lies she has been repeating since the Benghazi attacks.  She would oblige them and the Republican would spring the trap that caught her in a lie.  The Democrats continually cried that catching Hillary in lies was partisan and that the committee accomplished nothing.

Jim Jordan of Ohio asked her about the story she spread for almost a week after the attack that the attack was because of the 12 minute video and the protests that arose thereafter.  Hillary blamed mixed signals from intelligence.  But no sooner than she let loose with that lie than Jordan charged in with emails and communications Hillary had with the President of Libya, the Prime Minister of Egypt and her daughter Chelsea.  She told each one right out that the attack was planned by terrorists.  The email to Chelsea is most telling:

Diane Reynolds was the alias Chelsea was using.  (Why did she need an alias?)  I don’t know how many of you caught the significance of this email.  I haven’t heard anyone mention it, but she said two people were dead.  That means she knew it was a terror attack even before the second attack, where two others were killed.  Here is how that questioning looked:

Not to be outdone, Trey Gowdy, chairman of the committee, grilled Hillary on Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary repeated her lie that she did not solicit emails on Libya from Blumenthal.  Gowdy then went on to read email after email in which Hillary solicited more emails from Blumenthal with information on Benghazi.  Gowdy was also able to make Hillary admit that she instructed Huma Abedin to remove all identifiers from the emails before she forwarded them.  The chairman also embarrassed her by pointing out that Blumenthal had never been to Libya and his only connection was financial that would only be realized if gaddafi were removed.

Hillary tried to distance herself from Blumenthal before Gowdy pointed out that at the time that Blumenthal was working for the Clinton Foundation, collecting a six-figure salary.  He also worked for Media Matters, the propagandist site founded by David Brock and Hillary Clinton and Correct the Record, another propaganda site that spins the truth about Hillary in a way her under educated voters would love.

While being questioned by several Republicans on the committee, Clinton said that she never saw, nor was she made aware of the requests for increased security at the Benghazi compound.  She also stated that she knew that many of those requests resulted in aid for the compound, including additional barricades outside the compound, while other requests were denied.  My question is if she never saw the requests or was made aware of them, how could she possibly know about the approvals, the denials and the barricades?

No one got Hillary to lose her composure like Rep Roskam did.  Roskam began by asking Hillary if the war in Libya was her baby.  Hillary denied it, placing the blame on Obama.  Now, it is true that the ultimate decision was Obama’s and left to himself, it would be a safe bet he would make the wrong decision.  However, Roskam explained how Hillary had to overcome objections by people in her own State Department, the Defense Department, the Russians, the UN, the Security Council and various other entities.  Even as the evidence became indisputable, Hillary continued to lie.

At one point she shouted that the questions had nothing to do with Benghazi, as if arming Islamic extremists in Benghazi and ridding it of Gaddafi’s army had nothing to do with those terrorists using our weapons to kill four people.  American people.

Clinton told the committee during her opening statement that she had been very transparent in regards to her emails.  As Trey Gowdy pointed out, she left the State Department , she took all of her emails with her and didn’t turn any of them over until over two years later.  She selectively deleted emails at her own discretion.  It was pointed out that she deleted fifteen of the most damaging emails from Sidney Blumenthal and did not give them to the State Department.  Hillary claimed that even though she sent those emails along, she was at no obligation to hand them over.

Even more bizarre, Hillary claimed that the State Department had 90-95% of her emails when she left.  She repeated that about 10 times during her testimony.  Chairman Gowdy tried to find out where she got her numbers.  A subsequent check with the State Department brough5t nothing but blank stares.

From the Blaze:

The day following her testimony, the State Department was unable to corroborate that key claim when asked.

“Can you tell us who at the State Department would have informed her aides that 90 to 95 percent had been captured in State Department systems?” a reporter asked.

“I’m not aware that we have given that figure,” spokesman Mark Toner told reporters at Friday’s briefing. “I’m not in the position right now to confirm that.”

“I am aware of that 90 to 95 percent is something her campaign has been using. I am not aware of the source of that,” he added, referring reporters to the Clinton campaign.

The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday night from TheBlaze.

Repeatedly during her testimony, Hillary described Ambassador Stevens as a close friend.  Upon being questioned, Hillary testified that Chris Stevens did not have her email address or telephone number and had no way to contact her directly.  All of my close personal friends can contact me.  How about you?


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