How Corporate America Actually Went Woke

As with most of the left-wing fascist developments in America over the past century, the deepest roots of corporate wokeness originate in the LGBT movement.

On April 12, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece by “gay” activist Gregory Angelo title “I Helped Make Corporations Woke, and I Regret It.” In it, he confesses to pushing for policy that he knew was bad for the company he worked for, knowing it really had no choice but submit due to “the public flogging the company would take if it failed to support the bill.” He adds, “The trend I helped begin, I now realize, was a disaster. In the past three years, major U.S. corporations have weighed in on everything from abortion and Black Lives Matter to election laws – even as the American public overwhelmingly wishes they wouldn’t.”

Angelo’s confession is a prime example of what is called a “limited hangout” – a spy-craft euphemism from our deep-state intelligence network that means admitting to something relatively small to hide a much bigger truth and deceive the listeners into believing you are trustworthy for “being honest.” You then become a go-to public figure among naïve conservatives who elevate you to pundit-du-jour status on all the talk shows and quote you in all their articles – when all the while your true, secret mission is to prevent the bigger truths from being exposed. And, in Angelo’s case, it includes furthering the post-Obergefell LGBT Trojan Horse strategy to normalize so-called “gay conservatives” in the larger conservative movement by perpetuating the newly invented false distinction between the OGs (Original Gays) and the Groomer Gays/Transexuals (until such time as anti-“groomer” public outrage dies down and the coalition can again admit to being “best buds”).

One of the bigger truths he’s trying to keep covered is that “grooming” has always been a top agenda item of the LGBTs. For example, see Section 2, Demand 7, to state governments of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform: “The repeal of all laws governing age of sexual consent.” That didn’t come from some fringe faction in mom’s basement but was the product of a national convention of the top 200 LGBT organizations in America at that time.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Angelo undoubtedly knows very well the trend he describes did not begin in the 2010s but goes back to at least the 1980s. And take special note than the purpose of his “confession” is not to apologize for forcing the LGBT agenda down America’s throat, but only to help his movement avoid accountability in the growing backlash by pretending it was just riding a existing cultural wave not of its own making.

I was writing about the LGBT takeover of the corporate world back in the early ’90s – which I described then as the “Lavender Bulldozer Strategy.” In short the already large army of LGBT activists, most of whom were still “in the closet,” used their anonymity to infiltrate and take over corporate human relations departments, specifically to gain control of the hiring positions to bring in more of their own people. When enough of the activists had become employees, they would come “out of the closet” en masse, forming a “Gay and Lesbian Employees Association” that would then demand special rights in the company, including mandatory “sensitivity training” both to impose pro-LGBT groupthink on the entire workforce and to identify opponents who could then be neutralized or ousted tactically by HR.

Once a corporation had been fully absorbed and homosexualized, all of the corporate resources and assets would be re-purposed to serve the LGBT cause, as the company was integrated into the larger interconnected LGBT network spanning all the spheres of social, cultural and political influence.

Of course, the “noble theme” of their takeover campaigns was always “civil rights,” a brand they fully owned as a movement after hijacking it from the blacks in the 1980s. I have explained that sordid history here.

At the turn of the millennium there was a serious conservative counter-campaign trying to stop the hostile takeover of the corporations. Indeed, I was in D.C. on 9/11 with a pro-family strategy group that included a representative of the Alliance Defending Freedom (then called the Alliance Defense Fund) tasked with heading that pushback effort. But ADF was no match for the LGBTs even then.

Starting with the election of 2008, things got much, much worse under Obama whose plan to “fundamentally transform America” put all things LGBT front and center on the priority list and spread the woke infestation not just across the entire for-profit corporate world, but through the nonprofits/NGOs as well, including the Boy Scouts of America, whose shameful takedown I chronicle here.

Under Obama, the “Lavender Bulldozer” was upgraded to its current status as the “Rainbow Borg” and deployed against professional sports, the media, academia and federal and state agencies. When conservative legislatures in states such as RINO Mike Pence’s Indiana tried to stop the blitzkrieg with legislation, such as Mat Staver’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Rainbow Borg pressed in with a national extortion campaign. I addressed that event (including Pence’s capitulation) in a 2015 article titled “Indiana Meets the Borg.”

Indiana offers perhaps the best example of an Obama-era Rainbow Borg shakedown in which all of the recently assimilated components – including corporations, major sports franchises and even churches – were brought together in one campaign. This became, of course, the blueprint for the much more effective national extortion campaign in 2020, which you must remember was spearheaded by BLM, headed by a pair of overtly Marxist lesbians, and raked in literally billions from complicit corporations while imposing a highly toxic anti-white racism and trans-normalization agenda on the entire nation. (Never forget that blacks and women are subservient components of the LGBT-controlled “Progressive” coalition.)

So, bottom line: Don’t be deceived into thinking wokeness is some recent phenomenon or that the transgender agenda is somehow separate from the “gay” agenda. The fact is that “woke” is just a 21st century term for an old Cultural Marxist disease the fully united LGBT movement has been trying to spread through this country since its emergence in middle of the 20th century.

For more information on the history of the LGBT movement read Scott Lively’s book “Redeeming the Rainbow,” a free link to which you can get here.

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