Houston’s ‘bathroom ordinance’ goes down in flames, Mayor Annise Parker hardest hit

parker2Voters in Houston absolutely crushed what has become known as the “bathroom ordinance,” a measure allegedly designed to be an “Equal Rights Ordinance.”  The measure was strongly pushed by Annise Parker, the city’s lesbian mayor we once dubbed the “Liberal Nazi of the Day” for demanding pastors hand over sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender issues and, yes, even her.

Naturally, the defeat hit Parker a lot worse than anyone else in the city:

Something she probably knows a lot about.

So not having restrooms open to all 57 genders at the same time somehow makes a city intolerant?  How does that work, exactly?

Naturally, anyone opposed to the measure was the victim of “fear.” Check out this Texas Tribune headline:

Trending: Whistleblowers Say Military Forcing Anti-American Indoctrination

One person wondered:

Check out these returns:



No doubt Parker will find a judge to say the voters violated something in the Commerce Clause of the Constitution…  Or maybe she can just subpoena the entire city to find out what people think.

At any rate, the people of Houston have spoken.  Kudos to all those who voted and especially to those who handed Parker and the social justice warriors a well-deserved defeat.

Exit question: What is it with liberals and bathrooms these days?

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