House to Vote on 24% Cut to IRS

The bill would cut 3 billion from the IRS budget.  The cut will never make it through the Senate, but will be sending a loud and clear message to the IRS.  Republicans in the House plan to pass several bills pertaining to the IRS which will include removing Obamacare from the IRS.

The cut would prevent the IRS from administering Obamacare.  That’s a good thing.  Obama has asked for 14 billion, an increase of one billion over last year.  The Republicans are offering 9 billion, 3 billion than last year’s 12 billion dollar budget.  The IRS unions aren’t happy.  (boo hoo)

Said President Colleen Kelly of the  National Treasury Employees Union, “In terms of the ability of the IRS to meet its mission on behalf of the  American people, such a budget would absolutely devastate the agency.”   I couldn’t think of a better argument to cut their budget than she just did.They’d just use the money to audit republic donors are to construct roadblocks for conservative interests.

Acting IRS head, Danny Werfel has notified management employees that there would be no bonuses for them this year and he is in the process of exploring the possibility of withholding bonuses from union employees , too.

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