House Hearing: Vilify Veterans or Save Them From Extremists?

Democrats have a nasty habit of generalizing, painting people the way they see them rather than the way they really are. On Wednesday, a Veterans Affairs House Hearing on Veterans targeted by extremism drew the ire of Republicans. Did Democrats vilify Veterans? It appears they did a great job of it. The hearing was led by Mark Takano, D-CA Chairman of the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee.

Democrats on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee contended that veterans are more vulnerable to recruitment by the extremist fringe and are increasingly coaxed into joining the ranks of White supremacists.

“The corrupting influence of domestic violent extremist groups that recruit veterans is a critical issue at a time where our nation remains deeply divided,” House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Takano, California Democrat, said as he launched the first in a series of planned hearings on the topic.  Washington Times

vilify veterans
Screenshot Mark Takano
Personally, I’ve never met a veteran who could be “coaxed” into anything. But I digress. Out of the 620 people who were arrested for the January 6 riot, 66 were affiliated with the Military- from active duty to reservists, to Veterans out of the service. That number, despite the Democrats freak out, is tiny compared to the 18.8 Million Veterans in the United States, and the number of Military that are also here.
This chart screenshot via Statista is from 2019.

Veterans make up a tiny percent of the population, and Dems are completely freaked out that they made up about 10% of the arrested persons from the Capitol Riot. And they said the hearing was meant to give them “tools to resist extremists.” It may have had the opposite effect. And those in charge should have known that.

“I think this hearing is offensive. And the fact that you’re going to save our veterans from becoming political terrorists is offensive to every veteran in America.”

Rep Jim Banks R-IN

Other Republicans called the hearing extremely partisan and unhelpful to the veteran community.

Our veterans are hardworking, high-skilled individuals, and leaders in our communities who have made incredible sacrifices to protect each and every one of our freedoms. It is an unfortunate reality that veterans have long battled stigma associated with mental health issues resulting from their service, as well as perceptions, they have a propensity to violence. I am deeply concerned that today’s hearing, in the Veterans Affairs Committee, rather than empowering our veterans by dispelling these stigmas will further perpetuate these stigmas for all veterans.

Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-MT

Mr. Rosendale is not wrong. Takano claimed that veterans need to understand that they are targets of extremist groups and need help to prevent that from happening. But their way of “helping” may have simply jammed the lies in deeper. With the “help” of the media, veterans are vilified constantly. The vast majority of veterans and military are some of the best human beings on the planet. They are not stupid. But to hear Democrats and their so-called “experts” talk about them you’d think they were all backwoods hicks who can’t see the forest from the trees and all are on the path to commit violence. Which in nowhere near the truth of the matter.

So the witch hunt will continue as long as the Democrats seize on the veterans/active military communities as part of the boogeymen.

So very small numbers, and yet this is what the left is focusing on and running with and continuing this narrative of domestic violence and White supremacists, specifically being the most persistent and lethal threat in the homeland. They completely ignore what actually happened in 2020 they don’t mention Antifa or BLM. And so this is completely biased, and it’s being used to go after conservatives and in the instance of this hearing to go after veterans and silence them from free speech.

Lora Reis, a senior homeland security research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation (Washington Times)

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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