‘Homeowner Exercises His 2nd Amendment Rights and Shoots 3 Armed Intruders’ – Not Only Lawful But A Righteous Shoot!

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Any which way you slice it, the facts come out the same, that is, in relation to the life-saving effects of legal gun ownership – be it concealed-carry or not. But if one such recent example is still required to demonstrate said truth, well, so be it.

The attack on the West Freeway Church of Christ reminds us of an important truth that too many still deny:

Concealed-permit gun holders save lives. And in today’s world, they and their weapons should be welcomed in churches and other houses of worship.

Within seconds of the shooter opening fire on the Texas congregation Sunday, he was shot dead by two parishioners with concealed handgun permits. Four other parishioners had their concealed handguns drawn, ready to respond. The attacker killed two congregants before he was taken down, but the death toll could have been much higher….continue reading here….

Clear as a bell.

Still yet, demonstrably, those who push for gun control have ZERO interest in saving lives. For all intents and purposes, rather, their main goal is to disarm law-abiding citizens in order to seize control over a captive citizenry! This is no fairy-tale, nor is it hyperbole. In reality, rational folks understand this calculus: no matter this and that so-called controls put in place, those who are criminally-bent, anarchist-driven, and terror-inclined will never, ever, give up their guns!

As such, one only has to peer into the looking glass – in a manner of speaking – to view how the very same gun-control freaks are cheering on today’s domestic terrorists, as they ravage the country from one end to the other!

As to Exhibit Number One, look no further than to the mayor of NYC – Marxist/commie driven DeBlasio, who presides over the heretofore epicenter of America, that is, in high finance, culture, and as a worldwide jewel-in-the-crown example of western excellence – and the many ways in which he (and his complicit City Council) has set the city asunder. Unarguably, NYC has reached the depths of hell – much of which can be traced back to his animus for law enforcement on the one hand, and his love affair with anarchists on the other!

NYC Turns Into A Hell-Hole: ‘Man accused of Punching NYPD Chief, Cops on Brooklyn Bridge Released Without Bail’

So, doesn’t it stand to reason that law-abiding citizens are the only ones capable of protecting themselves, their families, and, when push comes to shove, the public, when in a life-threatening situation?

Mind you, while law enforcement has a definite role to play to keep basic law and order, the fact is that even before the (pre-designed) current fires lit up the nation, the damage from gun-wielding outlaws was often done before they arrived on the scene. By extrapolation, with their hands now tied into knots due to a completely complicit Dem-controlled state/city leadership, well, what are the chances they will come in to “save the day?”



Case closed.

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RIGHT/WING/NEWS/HOUR | By Amalia White | July 13, 2020

A homeowner victim in Florida exercised his Second Amendment rights when he shot and killed two intruders with a third being wounded.

Homeowner Gets Surprise Visitors

The homeowner recants that he was playing video games a little after midnight when he heard the glass of his laundry room door break, a sheriff’s report says. Tampa Bay Times reports, he then witnessed an arm come through the broken glass to unlock the door. A masked armed man then proceeded to walk towards the homeowner and point a gun at him.

Luckily, the victims’ Glock 9mm pistol was just feet away from him. Knowing he was facing imminent danger, he then fired several times at the intruder. The report says the intruder then fell down and then a second masked intruder entering the house. The homeowner then says he shot him also and this intruder also collapsed.

Gun Saves Victim and Kills Two Intruders

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said that both masked men had their weapons aimed at the victim when they were shot. Luis Casado, 21, and Khyle Durham, 21, were shot as they came down a tight hallway toward the homeowner, the sheriff said.

“The victim, in this case, was exercising his Second Amendment right to protect himself in his home,” Nocco said.

In a great turn of events, the victim now faced having a third intruder came at him and started firing again. However, his Glock got jammed and the intruder ran away as the homeowner went to get another gun. He grabbed a Kriss Vector 10mm semi-automatic rifle but never fired it.

Third Intruder Stopped and Arrested

The homeowner phoned a neighbor for help and told him what had just happened. Despite the gun getting jammed, a bullet still hit Jeremiah Trammel, 19, and he didn’t get far before a neighbor grabbed him. He was then held until the police arrived.

Trammel subsequently was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound. He was charged with home invasion robbery, according to Fox 35 Orlando. He was also charged with second-degree murder for the other two intruders’ deaths because he committed a felony, which resulted in two people dying.

Sherriff Noco said the two men who were shot were “extremely violent” criminals. He also said the intruder who survived had previous arrest records for battery and other severe crimes.

The sheriff said that the homeowner’s theory of why he believes he was targeted involves his gun collection, which is displayed on social media.

The investigation also showed that the homeowner had some relationship with Trammel, Casado, and Durham, which somehow involved “some type of known entity,” Nocco said.

Second Amendment Saves the Day

If the homeowner did not have firearms, there is a strong likelihood that he would have been murdered. This incident shows just how vital the Second Amendment is for self-protection.

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