West Hollywood Snobs are Restricting Assembly of Protesters Who “Disrupted the Tranquility” of Their Neighborhood

Oh, isn’t this rich? Remember how all of those Hollywood wokesters started shoveling money into organizations being set up to bail out the thugs who get arrested for trashing cities across the country? Well, evidently these elitist pretenders do have a limit. As The Los Angeles Times reported June 14, West Hollywood snobs are restricting assembly of protesters who “disrupted the tranquility” of their neighborhood. I kid you not.

According to the order, the protest that got their designer panties in a wad “included bullhorns and amplified music and disrupted the tranquility of the residential neighborhood during hours when many people would ordinarily be sleeping.”

Oh, the horror! Can you imagine the fear, the panic, the unadulterated terror they must have felt?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It was just a couple of weeks ago that business owners in West Holly-Hoity-Toity-Wood boarded up their businesses – painting messages of appeasement… I mean, “solidarity” on the sheets of useless plywood in advance of the noisy protests. The fashionable Hugo’s restaurant spray-painted theirs with adorable little hearts and conciliatory phrases like “love,” “peace” and “equality.”

At La Boheme, a gothic little dining spot often used for private events as well as film and TV productions, embellished their glass windows with photos of Floyd calling for prayers for his family.

Yeah, well, to hell with all of that now. These protesters didn’t appreciate all of their money and fake benevolence, so screw them! Now they’ve gone too far. How dare they bring their hoodlum activity to Beverly Hills, where THEY live, where THEY shop, where THEY hang out with each other to talk about how much they care about the little people… the ungrateful brats!

It reminds me of the story Faye Higbee so deftly wrote June 1 for Conservative Firing Line regarding the “two news leftists who initially sided with the rioters” who “found out that their ‘solidarity’ was severely misplaced when rioters broke into their own buildings.”

“Anarchists don’t care about your business, your newspaper, your family, your bank, or you,” Higbee noted with that blunt, hammer to the nail sort of accuracy.

Better still, in yet another display of righteous hypocrisy, some celebs — unable to get their traditional attention fixes due to the COVID 19 quarantine — are actually taking to the streets to join some of the protests, making sure to post photos of themselves all over social media to make sure these thugs know they’re down with the struggle, too. Among them, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez.

But here’s the kicker. These fakes don’t even live in the areas that are getting trashed, let alone in the places where they are protesting.

While Madonna joined a Black Lives Matter protest in London at Parliament Square, she lives in a massive $8,927,470, 16,146 square foot Moorish revival mansion in Lisbon, Portugal.

While Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez joined in on the noisy Hollywood protest – making sure to post a photo of themselves on Instagram carrying nice big “Black Lives Matter” posters and wearing the required mask and dark sunglasses — they live in a massive $5 million, 11,877-square-foot mansion in Coral Gables, Florida that includes an indoor basketball court, a “wet edge” pool and some “seriously impressive art.”

According to Lopez, it was her 12-year-old twins — Emme and Max — who made the signs.


Even the irrelevant presidential loser candidate yet newly woke Republican Sen. Mitt Romney made sure he was seen with protesters in Washington, D.C., by posting a photo of himself at the rally with the caption, “Black Lives Matter.”

Mitt, whose first name is actually Willard – likely retreated back to either his $12 million oceanfront home in La Jolla, California, his 3,000-square-foot , $890,000 condominium on South Cottage Street in Belmont, Massachusetts, or his $10 million, 5,400-square-foot vacation home – with an additional guest house — nestled on the peaceful shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H.

These snobs don’t care about these protesters or their causes. As soon as they finish with their photo-ops, they jump right back into their chauffeur-driven vehicles and head back to that private runway where their pilot and crew are waiting to whisk them back to their gated mansions where they can change back into their designer threads, grab an expensive bottled water and relax in the safety of being surrounded by armed security guards.

Meanwhile, to protect the peaceful sanctity of their streets, West Hollywood snobs are restricting assembly of protesters who “disrupted the tranquility” of their neighborhood. More specifically, while they’re willing to throw money at these reprobates from distance, they don’t give a flying damn how many businesses they loot and destroy and how many people they beat up or kill, the newly drafted order makes it clear that the city of Beverly Hills has deemed it necessary to limit the use of their residential neighborhoods at night… to allow residents to sleep.

“The order, which took effect Saturday night and was to remain in place until further notice,” the LA Times reported further, “states that no more than 10 people are allowed to gather for an assembly in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.”

Those who violate the order can face arrest and be charged with a misdemeanor.

“An assembly,” according to the snobs of West Hollywood, “is defined as a gathering in a public place that consists of 10 or more people who have a common goal.”

Evidently, those “out of control” Hollywood Hills house parties will no longer be allowed. But if he ever leaves his basement, Biden rallies will be good to go!




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