Hitting the Snooze Button Saved This Man’s Life

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Indiana resident Raymond Bowling woke up one morning and for the first time ever, he hit the snooze alarm on his clock.  That was a decision that very well may have saved his life.  A terrible storm had swept through the area and residents were warned to be careful as several mobile homes received extensive damage.

This is what happened during the time Bowling would normally have been in the bathroom preparing for work:

A thing like that could ruin your whole day.  Bowling’s decision to hit the snooze alarm proved to be a lucky break for him, although he still has to deal with a huge hole through his roof.

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Bowling wrote in part:

“Laid back down and this happened just minutes afterwards.

Good Lord was looking out for me for sure…”

He told WAVE 3 that hitting the snooze button wasn’t a regular habit:

“I had actually stood up to go to the bathroom to get ready for work but decided to let the snooze go off one more time and laid back down. I never do that.

The limb came through literally minutes later before the snooze went off again. And that’s exactly where I would have been standing.”

It’s amazing how a nudge to do something — even if it’s just this once — can mean more than we imagine.

Bowling will have a story he can tell for the rest of his life.  How a snooze alarm saved his life.


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