Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ raises eyebrows

Who is the mystery man? (Youtube)
Who is the mystery man? (Youtube)

Is he part of her campaign staff? Possibly a Secret Service agent? Maybe he’s some sort of emergency medical technician. Whoever he is, his identity is a bit of a mystery to the media.

And about the only thing for sure is that he’s conducted himself as some sort of a cross between her personal bodyguard, stand-by medic, body servant and campaign honcho.

As seen in the video (below), when Clinton was somewhat taken aback by a heckler at a campaign rally, the mystery man rushed to her side and reassuringly kept patting her on the back. He was then heard on the mic as telling her “Just keep talking, you’re OK. You can handle it.”

That obviously scratches him being a Secret Service agent. As anyone who understands even the most basic of security procedures, the Secret Service would never tell a protectee to carry on with a campaign speech in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation.

But then something very curious happens. The mystery handler physically moves two Secret Service agents off stage when it becomes obvious that it’s just a heckler in the crowd.

That prompts me to ask the rhetorical question, who in the world has that kind of power to shove two Secret Service agents around? Interesting, indeed.

As Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker has cited, there are a number of photos popping up on social media showing the mysterious handler assisting Clinton;

  • Walk up just a few stair steps
  • Being at her beckon call when the reporters were too much for her on Hill Force One
  • At her side carrying what has been assumed to be an auto-injector pen filed with Diazepam

As reporter Lifson correctly points out at the end of his article;

So who is our man of mystery, and what is he doing rushing to her aid when she coughs? That would be a nice question for one of the airborne press corps cherry-picked to ride on Hillary’s campaign plane to ask.

Of course, that might be the last campaign plane ride the reporter ever gets from Hillary. Which is one of the points of doing her so-called press conferences on the plane.



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