Hillary’s Meeting With Everyday Iowans Was a Fake

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hillary fake meetingBack in April, Hillary’s campaign made a lot of noise about her meeting with three random everyday Iowans.  I know this will come as a shock to you, so please sit down.  Comfy?  Want a coffee or other beverage?

Okay, here goes……………….it was a fake.  Stay calm.

Hillary tried to pull a fast one on Iowa voters but was caught in the act.  She was pictured sitting down and having a discussion with 3 “ordinary Iowans.”  Only thing is, they weren’t so ordinary:

The meeting was held in a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa (Sound familiar?  That’s the home of American Pickers) and was supposed to be a chance meeting between Hillary Clinton and three ordinary Iowan citizens.

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The three “ordinary” Iowans turned out to be Austin Bird, a former Clinton campaign intern, Carter Bell, University of Iowa College Democrats president, and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland staffer Sara Sedlacek.

[Editor’s note: Seems to me I’ve heard of Planned Parenthood…  Oh, yeah…]

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