Hillary’s Hidden Money Man

AP43210382937It seems that back in 2008, the Hillary campaign was in deep doo doo and they could not afford the $608,000 needed to finance a Get Out the Vote campaign.  No problem.  Get one of your closest advisers to introduce the canvassing company to someone willing to foot the bill.  I wonder what he was promised.

Hillary had a secret money man during her campaign for president in 2008.  His name is Jeffrey E Thompson, who has been connected to political corruption in Washington D.C., where he was known as the Governor of the District.  In 2008, he is allegedly paid a firm $608,000 in a get out the vote effort for Hillary in four states.

In 2008, a firm approached the Clinton campaign about the possibility of running a get out the vote campaign for Clinton.  The firm, owned by Troy White, a New York marketing executive, called Wytehouse Marketing.  Later, a Clinton official, Guy Cecil, notified White that they could not use his services and expressed the fact, he was a fan and hoped they could work together soon.  Utrecht, the Clinton campaign attorney, stressed the fact that the Clinton Campaign had turned White down.

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