Hillary’s Emails Just Became a Class A Felony or Treason

jail to the chiefA new revelation on Hillary’s emails could guarantee a first term for Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately for her it would be in a federal penitentiary and not the Oval Office.

A State Department source talking to Fox News explained that at least one of the emails contained satellite imagery and signal intelligence which would not be available to a Secretary of State and would have had to come from an intelligence agency.  Any such email would carry the following markings: “TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN .  Since the email no longer has the marking, the email was probably tampered with.

We already know that Hillary or one of her co-conspirators altered emails between her and Sidney Blumenthal.  We know this for a fact, since Blumenthal turned over his copies which were different from what Hillary turned in.

Removing the classification is a felony and it is unlikely any low level State Department employee would have access to Hillary’s emails or could take it upon themselves to make the change.  This also blows Hillary’s claims that no emails to her server was top secret at the time it was received.

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