Hillary’s Emails…Hopefully the End of Her Presidential Aspirations

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Another facelift…or botox perhaps…and lots of new pants suits for Hillary as she supposedly is gearing up to run in 2016…but yet another scandal has surfaced to block her (she thinks) ‘destined’ path to the presidency and now so many more lies to construct…oh dear what will she do…what pray tell will Hillary Clinton do.Lie, cheat, and blame everybody but herself for this newest of the many scandals that have her finger prints all over them is what Hillary, as expected, will do.

hillary what difference does it make use this oneAnd so Ms. ‘What Difference Does It Make’ now finds herself in yet even more hot water…this time over emails…emails of a government nature used for official State Department business while she was Secretary of State…emails that should have been constructed on a government site NOT over a private, unencrypted, and unsupervised account on a private server initiating from her Chappaqua, New York, home (of which she alone had control and which could be easily hacked into by numerous foreign governments)…emails that are an obvious breach of NOT only established protocol but of rules that require all such correspondence to be kept in the public domain…a breach that is a felony criminal offense as Hillary most definitely violated both the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

Hillary Clinton…the very woman who served as First Lady, a (carpetbagging) Senator from New York, and Secretary of State, knew damn well that her decision to use a private email account…a non-government approved non-government secured email account…an account where foreign policy matters were discussed in length and where she alone decided what would be kept in the record and what was to be removed from the record…was a conscious decision deliberately made to keep certain critical and telling correspondence from scrutiny…a decision made to keep what information was sent and to whom she sent it secret from ‘We the People.’

hillary2 you've got mailSo much for transparency from yet another member of the Obama administration. So much for the woman who back to 2007 when she was running against Obama for the Democratic nomination accused the Bush administration…most specifically former Secretary of State Colin Powell…of doing exactly what she herself went on to do…as in use private emails to conduct government business…hypocrite…thy name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Using the email address [email protected] the actual ‘clintonemail.com’ domain was registered in 2009, right after newly-elected (gag) Obama nominated Hillary to become Secretary of State. But under certain rules in place from 2009 to 2013…the time Clinton served as Secretary of State…government officials were NOT required to only use official government email accounts. But…and this is important… since 2009 federal regulations required that if a government official did perchance use a private email account for public business, said emails were to be considered the same as government records and were to be preserved as part of the official record-keeping system. However, Hillary did NOT do so and took the emails with her in 2013 when when she stepped down as Secretary of State…and herein lies her criminal breach of the Federal Records Act.

hillary4 mail failRemember now back to 2011 when then Obama spokesmouth Jay Carney issued a statement to the effect that, “We are definitely instructed that we need to conduct all of our work on our government accounts…” that it was the “Obama administration’s policy” to use government accounts…well this means that even if Hillary can somehow wheedle her way out of her breech from 2009 through 2011, it does NOT excuse her for the breach from 2011 to 2013…it does NOT excuse her from deliberately withholding emails from the time frame of Benghazi…hmmm. And know that Benghazi is at the bottom of all her subterfuge…just something to think about… just another thing for Trey Gowdy to investigate.

And while in December 2011 when asked by the State Department for those emails, Hillary did turn over some emails from said private account, with her personal spokesmouth adding that in the instances where she wrote to department heads and officials at their formal government addresses, those emails should still be in the department’s system…I guess just like Lois Lerner’s emails from the same time period should have still been around somewhere…yeah right.

And of course the Obama administration is now piping in to say they had NO clue what Hillary was doing even though every email sent and every email received had a .com address instead of the mandated .gov address. And isn’t it quite odd that just this past November, Obama ‘suddenly’ signed a law that requires government employees who use private email for official business to forward those e-mails to government systems within twenty days.

hillary and grationControl, subterfuge, and secrecy…the hallmark of people like Hillary who have things to hide…things in addition to her direct involvement in Benghazi… important things like in 2012 when the Clinton State Department, in effect, forced the resignation, by way of an extremely scathing job performance evaluation, of U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration. And why was this done…simply because Gration dared to do the very thing Hillary was then and still now is guilty of…that be in using a private, unsanctioned email service for official business. And Gration, just like Hillary, had ordered a commercial Internet connection be installed in his embassy office (in his case to be put in his office’s bathroom) so he could work there on a laptop NOT connected to the State Department’s email system, as well as issuing a mission policy statement authorizing that he and the other mission personnel use commercial email for daily communication of official government business in their handling of what was deemed to be ‘sensitive but unclassified’ material.

So of course Hillary and crew had to throw Gration under the bus to cover their own much more serious tracks now didn’t they.

hillary well as i recall benghaziAnd what of Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi…what truths did she try to hide…what lies did she have to construct…via her private hopefully never to be found out emails of course. Remember, it was the House Committee investigating the attack at the Benghazi compound that discovered that Hillary was illegally maintaining and using a private email account for official business…doing so obviously to keep what she plotted, wrote, and sent secret from prying eyes…when those on the Committee…as per the Freedom of Information Act and Congressional requests…asked for all correspondence between Hillary and her aides pertaining to the lead-up to the attack, the attack itself, and to its aftermath.

And when she had NO other option but to turn over those emails…Hillary and her advisers were the ones who went through thousands upon thousands of her personal emails and they were the ones who decided which emails to turn over to the State Department and which to dispose of…translation: Hillary had time to destroy any and all emails that might incriminate her NOT only in the attack on our compound but in the hastily concocted story about a now and forever infamous YouTube video, along with her also being able to destroy any emails that might directly incriminate her in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

hillary just a bump in the roadAnd it’s also now being reported that some of Hillary’s private emails from the night of the Benghazi attack…emails NOT destroyed…show that she knew that Saudi Arabia… the very same Saudi Arabia who helped finance the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center…also helped finance the attack on Benghazi and that the attack had absolutely NOTHING to do with that ridiculous God-awful video. The specific email in question quotes an “individual with sensitive access” saying that information provided by French security services indicated the funding for both the Benghazi and ensuing Algeria attacks “originated with wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia.” For this alone Hillary Clinton should immediately be arrested for treason for ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy for she knew the truth about the attack on Benghazi and kept said truth hidden from both the public and from the victim’s families.

So with the Select Committee on Benghazi now issuing subpoenas for all of Hillary’s private email correspondence, the bottom line is that Hillary has been using private emails to conduct government business…classified government business…to some degree or another since 2009.

hillary jetAlso of note is that many Conservative groups have filed numerous requests over the years for information about Hillary’s email correspondence, but true to form their requests have either been lost, denied, or supposedly bogged down in paperwork. However, later today Citizens United is expecting a court ruling in reference to a lawsuit they filed last year (they wanted to cross-reference the agency’s flight manifests with the donors who contributed to the ‘Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation’) after the State Department would NOT turn over to them said flight records. And why…because those records would show who exactly went with Hillary and where they went on her many ‘questionable’ overseas trips. And these records include in them correspondence between Hillary and the infamous Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Huma Abedini.

And as Trey Gowdy and crew start the task of wading through 55,000+ personal emails of Hillary’s…out of the who knows how many she has already destroyed…know that if Hillary was smart she would now give up her presidential aspirations because she cannot lie her way out of this one, especially when the ubber liberal New York Times was the one who broke this story and who continues to stay on top of it. And NOT only is Hillary part of the ‘old guard’ of her party, this woman…like so many others who aspire to public office today…has now and forever broken the public’s trust in her…NOT that those on our side ever trusted her.

hillary last piicHillary Clinton is a has-been and most likely a criminal who would be better served just being a grandmother as would her husband be better served staying away from questionable goings-on on yachts with questionable characters. The time has come for Democrats of the ‘old school’ to come forward and restore their party to the days of JFK when being a Democrat was something one could be proud of…to a time when Democrats and Republicans alike had a love of God and country…when America’s enemies were clearly defined and NOT made excuses for…and most importantly to a time when American exceptionalism was front and center for all the world to see and for all Americans to strive for.

And that my friends is something the likes of enemy-coddling, America-hating, still presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton knows NOTHING about.


Update: an email from 2011 has been discovered where Hillary told State Department workers NOT to use private email for State Department business or for any government business…and it was sent from her private email address. Talk about a hypocrite who believes she is above it all…as in do what I say NOT what I do, and know this attitude will NOT change if she were ever to become president.

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