Hillary: Trump’s death would be good for U.S., economy — Video

Hillary Clinton says Trump's death would be good for US, economy.Where’s the media on this?  While speaking at an event in Warren, Michigan, on Thursday, Democrat Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump’s death would be good for America and the economy if the government was allowed to dispose of his assets.

According to Clinton, arguably the most evil person to ever be nominated by a major party for the White House, confiscation and redistribution of his wealth is much preferable to anything else.

“And then there’s the estate tax, which Trump wants to eliminate altogether,” she said.  “Now if you believe that he’s as wealthy as he says, that alone would save the Trump family four billion dollars. It would do nothing for 99.8% of Americans. So they’d get a four billion dollar tax cut, and 99.8% of Americans would get nothing.”

But she wasn’t finished.

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“Just think of what we could do with those four billion dollars. We could pay for more than forty-seven thousand veterans to get a four-year college degree. We could provide a year’s worth of health care to nearly three million kids. Or we could fund a year’s worth of federal assistance to state and local law enforcement. I think there are a lot of better ways to spend the money.”

Here’s video of her comments:

The Daily Wire added:

The audience applauded Clinton as she pushed Marxist tenets of class warfare and government confiscation and redistribution of wealth. Her justification for such policies is that “99.9% percent of Americans” supposedly do not benefit from the absence of taxing the deaths of millionaires and billionaires.

Clinton also called for more taxes to be levied on multimillionaires, saying several times that corporations and the “super rich” should pay a “fair share” of taxes.

Echoing left-wing demagoguery about “The Buffet Rule,” Clinton said that millionaires and billionaires should never pay a lower rate on their taxes than their secretaries. Clinton was presumably referring to average rates of federal income taxation, although she did not specify which taxes she was referring to. No explanation was provided as to why secretaries were selected as opposed to other categories of employees.

Imagine the outrage that would ensue if a Republican suggested that the death of a wealthy Democrat would benefit the country.  Clinton, however, gets a pass.  But if we use the “standard” set by the Democrat-media complex, could we not argue that Clinton wants Trump dead?  Why yes, we could.  After all, we now have Hollywood moonbats suggesting Trump and his supporters be “cleansed” from America.

Scratch a liberal, find a hypocritical Marxist…


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