Hillary newspaper ad slams Trump for insulting Iran, ISIS

Hillary ISISA pro-Hillary ad placed in a newspaper slams GOP nominee Donald Trump for perceived insults the mogul has made.  According to the ad, Trump took a shot at Iran and the radical Islamic group ISIS, which apparently upset the Democrat nominee.

Here’s a couple images posted at the American Lookout on Tuesday:

Hillary ad Trump insults ISIS

Hillary ad Trump insults ISIS Iran

So Hillary is upset that Trump insulted Iran, a leading state sponsor of terrorism around the world, and a nation that routinely calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States.  She’s also upset that Trump called ISIS radicals thugs and low-level degenerates.

Let’s analyze this a bit, shall we?

Hillary is on record as saying that Muslims have “nothing whatsoever” to do with terrorism and has called for a 550 percent increase in unvetted migrants from countries known to be hotbeds of terrorism.

While serving as Secretary of State, Clinton promised Muslim countries the U.S. would essentially enact Sharia blasphemy laws, intimidating Americans critical of radical Islam into silence.

“An official of the United States, in an official communiqué, went to a foreign land to commit to a foreign leader that the United States Government would engage in the extra-legal practice of intimidating American citizens in the exercise of what is otherwise their protected free speech rights under the First Amendment,” Traditional Values Coalition President Andrea Lafferty told the Daily Caller.

Lafferty also said he was identified as a “security threat” to Clinton and was even detained by her security personnel when he tried to monitor a conference she held with the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation.

“If her willingness to sell out Americans First Amendment rights to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation by categorizing as ‘hate speech’ anything that is deemed offensive to Islam is any indication, she may be the least qualified candidate to support and defend the Constitution,” he added.

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She also slammed Republicans, saying she’s the only one who could stop the GOP from bombing ISIS.

There’s more — much more, as we noted here.

Exit question: Does Hillary support ISIS?  It sure looks like it…


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