Hillary is Paying for Her IT Man’s Silence

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liar5Hillary and her campaign insist that she wants her IT man, Bryan Pagliano to testify before the Select Benghazi Committee.

In my humble but educated opinion that is a total lie.  (I’m shocked.  How about you?)   Consider this.  Pagliano’s lawyers are the law firm of Akin Gump.  Akin Gump is one of the most expensive law firms in the country and even though Pagliano was making 136k at the State Department, he couldn’t even begin to pay for such lofty legal representation.  So who is paying his legal fees?

One of the leading partners at Akin Gump is Vernon Jordan.  The name might be familiar to you.

He has been a friend and adviser to the Clintons for several decades and was a member of Bill Clinton’s transition team in 1992.  Just this past August, the Clintons traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to help Jordan celebrate his 80th birthday.  Bill Clinton and Jordan enjoyed a round of golf which included the Putter in Chief, Barack Obama.

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