Hillary: I’m not the devil; Conservatives: We don’t believe you — Video

hillary-devilWhile campaigning in Nebraska, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton tried to convince voters that she really doesn’t have horns and isn’t the devil.

“First thing you can tell them, as best as you can tell looking [at me] under the lights, I don’t have horns,” she said.

The New York Post added:

That brought cheers and laughter from the crowd at Omaha’s Sokol Auditorium.

Clinton added that she’s “not going to give up” on reaching out to GOP-leaning voters.

“And the second thing you can tell them is our economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House. That is just a fact,” Clinton insisted.

Here’s video of that claim:

But it seems that some have a hard time believing her:

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A post at the Gateway Pundit said: “As Ronald Reagan once famously said: ‘If you’re explaining, you’re losing.'”

Personally, I haven’t gotten a press release from the Almighty saying that Clinton really is Beelzebub incarnate, so I’m not going to say with any certainty that she is.  However…

I do find it interesting that not too long ago, she once declared that all Republicans are the enemy…  Was she confused yet again?  Was she lying then or is she lying now?  Who really knows?


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