Hillary for…Pastor? Tipping Over the Sacred Cows

I’m from the south. Down here we have a time-honored tradition called “cow tipping.” Now, admittedly, cow-tipping has many roots in country fables and tall tales. The few times I actually tried to sneak up on a cow resulted in being chased through a pasture while screaming in a high-pitched chittering fashion and then hurling myself through a barbed-wire fence.

But I digress. Back to the cows shortly.

By now you’ve probably heard about Hillary Clinton’s latest lunacy. Conservative Firing Line’s own Michael Snyder lifted a veil, back on August 8, and showed the world Hillary’s apparent life-long desire – to become a Methodist pastor.

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After I finished choking on my coffee, I gave this some serious thought and I see one glaring problem with Hillary becoming a preacher – doctrine.

Hillary and company have spent decades running contrary to traditional scripture. Call it liberalism, call it progressivism, call it whatever you like. The bottom line is that you absolutely cannot stand before men and proclaim the Word of God while you yourself have lived contrary to it for decades; unless, of course, there has been a real heart-change.

The whole notion gave me pause and I began to question whether there is anything sacred anymore. Remember those days when the town’s ministers were the revered and respected members of society? Do you recall when folks went to clergy to ask opinions and obtain help with difficult situations? Recall when a pastor was vetted by reading the Bible and applying the qualifications outlined there? Can you remember when the clergy were the most honest and ethical people in the nation rather than someone who pursues the office of a minister solely as a means to an end?

So, back to those cows. Politically and spiritually, there are some cows in our nation that need a good tipping.

Sacred Cow #1: If it ain’t legal, make it legal!

If you want to dip into the public till and send dollars to those who will support your reelection campaign you figure out how to legalize it. If you want to normalize something that has historically been taboo or immoral, you govern so as to make it seem good, normal, and status quo. If you want to expand the reach of government to the benefit of your pocketbook and the pocketbook of your friends and supporters, you gain support from those with the same interests and you make it legal.

Sacred Cow #2: Just because you said it doesn’t mean that you actually said it!

When the public starts to catch on that a politician or political group is making changes that do not adhere to our traditional values, national standards, and do not have the public’s best interest at heart, why don’t they simply elect someone different? Sometimes we do. But honesty seems to be a lost commodity in today’s world. Even if you see video proof, politicians are great at walking statements back, declaring them taken out of context, or simply denying they ever said it. It makes me nauseous when someone does something and then gives me a fake, “I’m sorry” to make them seem more honorable. Politicians, I’m looking at you.

Sacred Cow #3: This ain’t your grandpa’s newspaper!

By a show of hands, how many of you can tell me what the function of the news media should be? Anyone? Sigh… The news media was created to be a watchdog. Their job is not easy but it’s also not complicated. The news media—all of them—should be doing these two things:

  • Observing something that is occurring
  • Telling the public what they saw

That’s it. News isn’t entertainment. Other than editorial pieces that are stated to be editorial pieces, the news should not contain anyone’s opinion. The news media, who by-the-way, wobble horribly to the left, should not support the left nor the right. The news media should get a clue and get back to being a watchdog. Whether you agree or disagree politically is irrelevant. Go observe and then report what you saw. Get to the truth but keep your opinions out of it.

Sacred Cow #4: Keep church out of state!

Oh, this is so misunderstood. Let me explain what the separation of church and state really means. Rewind back to pre-America days. The leaders of the nations across the pond put their fingers into religion. They forced a certain type of worship at a certain type of church with their own Bible-absent rules. Our forefathers escaped to this new land mainly because they wanted to worship in the way they felt led. Then they penned a rule system that would keep the government from forcing them to worship in a particular way and made provisions that we all could worship as we feel led to do and not because a rule system dictates it. The separation of church and state wasn’t created to keep the church out of government. It was written to keep the government out of the church!

Sacred Cow #5: If you don’t like the way you look, get rid of the mirror!

Whether you are a Christian, and atheist, or some other religion, you can’t deny that there are lots of tidbits in the Bible that will help you in daily life. Just reading through the Bible, you get a lot of wisdom about finances, parenting, marriage, relationships, work ethic, and much more. But there are also a lot of “You Shall Not’s” in there too. If the Bible says no but I say yes, what are my options? I can obey the Bible or I can ignore it. Have you noticed how adamant people have become about tearing down the Ten Commandments, ignoring Biblical values, showing hostility to those of faith, and attempting to push God totally out of our society? There are a lot of broken mirrors lying around nowadays.

This brings me back to Hillary becoming a pastor. You can’t argue the Word of God. It says what it says. However, you can twist it and misrepresent it. You can take it out of context and manipulate it to make it say what you think it should say. Can you imagine a Hillary Clinton standing before a congregation and tackling the Biblical views on homosexuality or abortion? How exactly would she translate that passage from Proverbs that says, “If a man will not work, neither should he eat?” Seems to me that one of the easiest ways to normalize things that have been deemed morally wrong is to give someone a voice on the inside of religion that would twist the Bible and convince multitudes that you’re right.

Just saying…

So, Hillary for pastor. There truly is nothing sacred anymore…except all these cows.


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