Hillary Email Scandal Explodes: FBI Has Already Found Over 60 Classified Documents

KillaryHillary could be down for the count over the new revelation that the FBI and US Intelligence have found at least 60 classified documents through the end of July.  By time they finish combing the 30,000 documents Hillary didn’t delete, that number could be astronomical.

Everyone needs to ask themselves, if these emails were not a problem, what the hell did she delete?  Consider this.  Hillary had emails on her server that Edward Snowden couldn’t access.  Liberals call him a traitor, so what is Hillary?  Her documents have a higher classification than Gen. Petraeus was convicted of downloading.

After the investigation is complete, how can the DOJ possibly not indict?  I mean they could if they don’t mind being sued by everyone convicted of misusing classified documents over the past few decades for selective prosecution.

And public opinion, which was already heavily against Hillary Clinton, will nosedive further until her numbers can slide under a pregnant cockroach without stooping.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see her indicted real soon.  Democrats would be in dire straits if she were forced from the 2016 race after she won the nomination.

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