Hillary Clinton supports stripping constitutional rights without due process, says those on no-fly list should not have guns

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constitutionApparently, Hillary Clinton is okay with stripping American citizens of their constitutional rights without due process.  While on the campaign trail in South Carolina Saturday, Clinton said she would ramp up efforts to ensure more gun control.

According to Clinton, citizens on the TSA “no-fly” list shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns.

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One person responded with an even better question:

If we’re going to use that standard, then what about this:


And Clinton has more than 40 years experience at that.


Twitchy added:

Over a decade ago Ted Kennedy was flagged on the “no-fly” list. Federal officials at the time said they “recognize that the no-fly list in imperfect,” but the Democrats want to use it as a gun control measure.

Maybe Clinton was just a tad confused.


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