Hillary Clinton candidacy proves Democrat Party is corrupt to the core

hillarycorruptionPundits, prognosticators, and everyday people on both sides have expressed legitimate concerns about the nominations of GOP presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump and his Democrat counterpart, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is safe to say there has never been a U.S. presidential election that featured two more controversial candidates. But what do the nominations of these two polarizing figures say about their respective parties? There are stark differences between them, both in personality and in proposed policy. One, however, is beyond any shadow of a doubt the most dishonest, corrupt, unfit candidate to ever ascend so close to the most powerful office in the entire world.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a more than forty-year-long history of criminal behavior and corruption that can only be denied by the most naive and willfully ignorant among us. Or by those whose “end justifies the means” mentality allows them to smugly dismiss the cold, hard facts about her in blind allegiance to party, agenda, and ideology.

The nomination of Hillary Clinton is almost beyond comprehension for many of us. How could a major, American political party choose a candidate so steeped in scandal and corruption? A candidate with decades of baggage and a possible indictment hanging over her head? Is the DNC honestly expecting the majority of Americans to buy the argument that Hillary is the best the party has to offer? That there has never been a more qualified candidate for president? Yes. They are. And that expectation shows us all how deep the corruption in the Democrat Party really runs.

It all starts with the DNC itself. If there was every any doubt that the corruption inside the party was massive, then the recent WikiLeaks releases have more than adequately removed those doubts from the mind of anyone who has read the emails. However, one of the strengths of the Democrat Party is the willful ignorance of many of its voters. Go to any liberal news media internet site or social media page and you will see more heads in the sand than butts on the beach in the middle of July. These are robots, sheep, useful idiots full of conditioned responses and arrogant dismissal of all things factual that shine a bad light on their candidate. You can count on them to hold fast to the belief that Republicans are always guilty of whatever they stand accused of no matter how flimsy the evidence or dubious the source, and Democrats are always innocent, in spite of undeniable evidence and unquestionable sources. They have been well-trained to only accept “news” from party-approved propagandists. And this is the foundation upon which DNC corruption is built. It wouldn’t be possible without these lazy, uninformed, and fundamentalist progressives. It’s much easier to get away with things when your base refuses to even consider any charges of wrongdoing.

Proof of this comes from the undeniable rigging of the Democrat primaries by the Clinton campaign and the DNC exposed by Wikileaks. While a handful of Bernie Sanders supporters are still angry and refusing to support Clinton, they are mostly ignored by the left-leaning media. Most Bernie supporters, including Bernie himself, have hopped aboard the Clinton Corruption Express and are keeping it chugging blindly along on a course of potential American destruction. Two DNC chairs fired over the course of the election for rigging the primaries and the debates is irrelevant to them. The party agenda is all that matters. Even if it means electing a criminal to carry it forward.

Of course, the constituency is kept in line by liberal media lies and spin that make informed, concerned Americans scratch their heads in dismay. How could anyone buy this BS, they wonder? It’s not hard to understand when you realize that most Hillary followers only accept news favorable to their tarnished Queen, and reject out of hand any report that exposes her true nature and history of criminal conduct. Fear of having their illusions shattered drives them. If you don’t know, then it’s okay, because you’re not condoning criminality if you don’t acknowledge it exists in the first place.

With a solid foundation of support firmly underfoot, the mainstream media can launch an effective campaign of deceit, innuendo, and blatantly false propagandizing without ever being questioned by the vast majority of Democrats. But couldn’t the party itself have found a better, more palatable candidate to present to independent voters? You would think so, and here we see a clear indication that they very likely cannot. If so, why didn’t they? It’s not a stretch to believe that the Clintons have so poisoned the pool during the course of their tenure in American politics that corruption has become the rule rather than the exception. They have led by example and shown their party that crime can indeed pay, and either encouraged or blackmailed countless others to join in the fun and profiteering.

Can you imagine for even one second that the GOP would nominate a candidate that was under FBI investigation on two fronts, one for “extreme carelessness” when handling classified material, and another for fraud and bribery on a scale never before seen in American politics? It would never happen. The media would spotlight every leak issued by every agency and dog that candidate relentlessly even if it were to happen. They have done quite the opposite with Hillary.

Hillary had a private server that was hacked by at least five foreign governments? So what? Trump says bad things and hates women. Hillary sold influence and American policy, and endangered national security in order to hide her criminal activities? Big deal. Trump is so inarticulate. Hillary left four people to die in Benghazi to hide revelations that her weapons deals in the Middle East led to the formation of ISIS? Pffft. Trump filed for bankruptcy four times. The examples are endless.

Only a corrupt party would put forth such a corrupt candidate. Only a criminal cartel would continue to promote her as the most qualified candidate in American history, provide cover for her by trashing and personally attacking nearly half of the citizens of the nation, and go out of its way to hide as much relevant information as possible from the American people before the election in order to drag her across the finish line, and the United States of America into a constitutional crisis.

They are counting on the collusion of the American media, and the sheepish indifference of the dumb masses to pull it off. You have to question the wisdom of building a constituency of idiots, but then again they are easier to shape and mold than informed people. It is up to those of you who won’t have the veil pulled over your eyes to prevent Hillary Clinton from stepping foot into the Oval Office.

If Hillary manages to win this election the selling of American policy and security will go into overdrive, and then end of individual liberty will be on the horizon. She will stack the Supreme Court and federal courts that will tear down this country and our constitutional protections for a generation to come. Or longer. There is simply no good reason for any conservative, moderate, independent, or patriot to sit on the sidelines for this election. You do not have to like Trump, you just need to know that electing him sends a very loud message to Washington, D.C. that Americans are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore. And it is the only way to save America from Hillary Clinton and the corrupt DNC.


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