Hillary Called White Wife of White Slave Master


Sister Souljah who made a name for herself when she criticized Bill Clinton is at it again.  In 1992, the hip hop singer was asked what she thought about the four policemen who beat Rodney King being acquitted of all charges.  She replied:

“If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”

That lead to her becoming a campaign issue.  While all of the other democrats were falling all over themselves, making excuses for Sister Souljah, Bill Clinton decided to use her to separate himself from the others, by condemning her and her words.  he then compared her to David Duke, the KKK clansman who ran unsuccessfully several times for public office.

Sister Souljah has a book coming out and while promoting the book, she sat down with Time Magazine for an interview.  From reading what she said about her, I’m pretty certain, she’s off Hillary’s Christmas card list.

Here is some of the article from Time:

[W]hat does she think of Hillary Clinton? She pauses for a long moment, then pulls out an unsealed envelope. “I want to control what I say so that I can be quoted properly. I have this past history of being misquoted or misunderstood.” She slides an index card across the table. It reads, “She reminds me too much of the slave plantation white wife of the white ‘Master.’ She talks down to people, is condescending and pandering. She even talked down to the Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, while she was under his command!”

Another way she resembles the wife of a plantation owner is she had to share her husband with the servants.

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