Hillary blusters at thought of rematch v. Trump as Dem candidate

Oozing with confidence, Hillary Rodham Clinton told the PBS News Hour she could “beat him again” if matched up against President Donald Trump in 2020, in the event current leading Democrat candidates falter between now and the election.


Hillary Clinton says she would beat Donald Trump “again” in the event of a 2020 rematch. (Screen snip, YouTube, PBS)

According to a Rasmussen survey, Clinton and Trump both “earn 45% support each from likely U.S. voters” with 11 percent remaining undecided. With the election 13 months away—an eternity in politics—the former Secretary of State’s bravado has not gone unnoticed in political circles.

However, some of her remarks during the interview might raise a few eyebrows. Clinton seems to have things a bit backward when she complained, “It truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me.” For the past three years, she’s the one who has been traveling around the political landscape blaming everyone and everything but herself for the surprise 2016 loss of an election that seemed to nearly every pundit was hers to win.

But Clinton apparently forgot about the Electoral College when she skipped visits to key states that Trump hit more than once.

Gun owners turned out heavily in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida to keep her, and her anti-Second Amendment politics, out of the Oval Office. President Trump has spent the past 30 months fulfilling one of his most important campaign pledges, to restore balance to the federal courts. He has appointed to pro-Second Amendment justices to the Supreme Court and filled at least 150 vacancies on the lower courts, including the traditionally far-left Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Meanwhile, in a separate Rasmussen survey, a majority of voters agree with the president’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, declaring “It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. We will fight where it is to our benefit, and only fight to win.”

Clinton’s baggage includes the Benghazi debacle, and the email scandal.

There is another revelation in the Rasmussen survey that could become a campaign issue. The pollsters learned that “just 38% believe the U.S. military is overstretched these days…This finding ran as high as 57% as recently as three years ago but has been trending own since Trump’s election.”

According to Rasmussen, 58 percent of likely voters, including 55 percent of identified Democrats, concur with Trump’s statement, “although it is important to note that Rasmussen Reports did not identify Trump as the source of the quotation in its question,” the polling firm revealed.

Rasmussen’s survey also found that 44 percent of all voters “continue to believe that our political leaders send American soldiers into harm’s way too often, but that’s down from 52% two years ago and the lowest finding in regular surveying since January 2013.”

Rasmussen noted in its survey report that some people have speculated Clinton could “jump in” as a candidate if former Vice President Joe Biden “falters in the race.” He’s been leading the pack, but now Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears to have nearly caught up, depending upon whose polls one watches. However, she is now taking some heat for conflicting statements about losing a teaching job years ago when she was “visibly pregnant.”


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