Hezbollah leader: Trump was right, Obama started ISIS

Trump on OrlandoOn Saturday, the Associated Press reported that according to Hasran Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group, GOP nominee Donald Trump was correct when he said Barack Obama started ISIS.

“This is an American presidential candidate who is saying this. What he says is based on facts and documents,” he said.

According to The Hill:

Trump on Wednesday called Obama the founder of ISIS and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the co-founder.

He doubled down on the claim Thursday in an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

“No, I meant that he’s the founder of ISIS,” Trump said. “He was the most valuable player. I gave him the most valuable player award.”

Trump later walked it back and said he was only being sarcastic:

Apparently, Trump is right, even when he’s being sarcastic…

The AP added:

Nasrallah, who has sent thousands of his fighters to Syria to shore up President Bashar Assad’s forces, has long claimed that the U.S. helped create and fuel the rise of Islamic extremists to destabilize the Middle East.

Exit question: How will the propagandists at the Clinton New Network spin this?

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