Hey, Politico! How About Hillary and the Marines?


It’s funny how Politico can find an imaginary tale about Ben Carson and West Point, but failed to report on a true scandal involving Hillary Clinton and the Marines.  Hillary was speaking to female veterans in 1994, when she related a story about trying to join the Marines in 1975.  She claims they turned her down:

“You’re too old, you can’t see and you’re a woman.  Maybe the dogs would take you.” (Dogs=Army)

“It was not a very encouraging conversation,” Clinton added. “I decided maybe I’ll look for another way to serve my country.”

Let’s examine the facts.  Hillary had completed law school and moved to Arkansas to be close to her boyfriend, William Clinton.  They were married in October of 1975, the same year she claimed that she tried to join the Marines.  Now, why would she move to Arkansas to be close to Bill and then try to join the Marines?  It seems especially disingenuous considering that Bill had just dodged the draft.  Even more questionable is why a student body president of Wellesley College, who organized teach-ins on her opposition to the war, would want to join the Marines.

Maureen Dowd also expressed doubts as to the veracity of Hillary’s story:

“Rodham was an up-and-coming legal star involved with an up-and-coming political star.  She had made a celebrated appearance in Life magazine as an anti-establishment commencement speaker at Wellesley College, where, as president of the student government, she had organized teach-ins on her opposition to the Vietnam War.”

“So, if she was talking to a Marine recruiter in 1975 before the marriage, was she briefly considering joining the few, the proud and the brave of the corps as an alternative to life with Mr. Clinton, who was already being widely touted as a sure thing for Arkansas Attorney General?”

Hillary has been known to fudge the truth a bit.  She once told an audience that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.  The problem with that was she was born several years before Hillary climbed Mt Everest.  At the time Hillary was born, Hillary was an obscure beekeeper in the Australian outback.  No doubt, you remember her story about coming under fire in a 1994 trip to Bosnia.  (Wasn’t Brian Williams on that plane?)

Also, back in April, she told an audience in Iowa about her four immigrant grandparents.  That, too, was a bald faced lie.

I can hardly wait until Politico reports on any of these stories.


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