Hey Pakistan…if you don’t condemn you condone

Containment...Obama wants containment and NOTHING more. Guess what…containment will NOT work…will NOT work with the likes of ISIS.

As Iraq is awash in the blood of ISIS victims…as the Israel/Hamas conflict has Israel holding back from doing what needs to be done…as our southern border continues to be breached while this president plays golf…yet another hot spot has started to heat up…again…but this time its ramifications could reach worldwide.

Pakistan and India…both nuclear armed…have fought three wars since gaining their independence from Britain in 1967, when as part of Britain’s pullout from the Indian subcontinent, they divided it into somewhat secular India (mostly Hindu) and muslim controlled Pakistan. And now, again, gunfire has been exchanged near the border in the disputed Kashmir region, but the sad reality is that the muslims are at it again…might be a different place than the usual Middle East, but it’s still muslims being muslims doing what they do best…killing…need I say more.

And while India and Pakistan agreed to a bilateral ceasefire in November 2003, Kashmir has continued to see ongoing and growing separatist…terrorist…violence since 1989. And although the cease-fire between the two countries had been somewhat successful up until breaches started happening this year, this current round of violence by Pakistan has displaced more than 3,000 people living in border hamlets…people who have thankfully been evacuated to safe areas under a ‘just in case’ pre-existing contingency plan.

And this newest development forced India to rightfully call off an already set foreign secretary level meeting between them and Pakistan which was scheduled to begin today. And having thrown a match on the smoldering just below the surface fire, ten or so days ago Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Pakistan “has lost the strength to fight a conventional war but continues to engage in the proxy war of terrorism against India.” And of course a counter statement was then issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry claiming that Modi’s words were NOTHING but “baseless rhetoric.”

As expected…a tit-for-tat retort…as a new hot spot now heats up NOT too far from the current hell on Earth that is Iraq…and the media for the most part remains silent on this.

But the question is…do Modi’s words have an element of truth to them…is Pakistan using terrorists based in Kashmir to attack border areas in India and to interfere in India’s internal affairs…it does seem a distinct possibility as militants always try to develop alliances with so-called ‘nationalist groups.’ Remember too, Pakistan is known as a breeding ground for terrorists to hone their nefarious killing skills, was also where Osama bin-Laden met his end, and is where the deserter and (I believe) traitor Bowe Berghdal was held. And if true, do these terrorists solely hold allegiance to Kashmir becoming an autonomous nation or do these terrorists hold allegiance to far more dangerous groups…groups like al-Qaeda perhaps…or worse…ISIS.

And just why would Pakistan invite Kashmir’s separatist…terrorist…leaders to the peace talks…separatist leaders who have been engaged in ongoing meetings with current (corrupt) Pakistani officials…separatist leaders who met time and again with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, and who have upped militant attacks against India.

Yeah why…

And while U.S. policymakers struggle with the question of what exactly to do about Pakistan…supposedly an ally yet anything but…Pakistan remains a foreign policy problem in that the Obama administration simply cannot get Pakistan to do what it wants or even get them to remotely cooperate with us. And now with the rise and ‘success’ of ISIS in Iraq…if you call an intended bloodbath and genocide a ‘success’…ISIS could very well be playing a very dangerous but defining role of sorts in Pakistan, where more than 200 religious groups…many of them radical in nature…operate on both the national and regional level.

And many…if NOT most…of these groups have an agenda…an islamic agenda…an agenda that includes forcing Pakistani society to fall in line with their radical ideologies that include the enforcement of sharia law, and with an establishment of a Khilafah (caliphate) system…then tempering said agenda with their solely sectarian goal of reaching Pakistan’s strategic and ideological objectives through the use of militancy…and terrorism if need be…to meet their end goal of the defeat and submission of its non-muslim neighbor…India.

And groups like those currently operating in Pakistan are indeed being influenced by the success of ISIS…some just in providing moral support, but others actually donating monies to pad ISIS’ war chest. And what has caused Pakistan do this and why are they doing it…first and foremost is Pakistan’s total apathy and lack of substantial actions on the issue of security…an issue that has allowed foreign operatives to enter their country unchecked giving them the needed space to grow, to spread their ideologies, to establish a ‘state within the state’ in Pakistan’s tribal areas, and to convert the masses to their cause who in turn they expect will help expand their influence.

And second, just look at the intended ISIS conquest map which shows NOT only Iraq and Pakistan as part of the islamic caliphate…with the base of operation being in what’s to be known as the Khurasan province in what’s currently Pakistan…but will reach into Spain, the Middle East, and into the predominately muslim countries of Central and South Asia.

Basically, this ISIS map shows the areas that are or once were under muslim control…areas ISIS intends to again be under islamic control…their version of islamic control that is. And knowing this, Pakistan hopes that by their cooperating with ISIS now…even if that contribution is just to help line their coffers…they hope that when ISIS does conquer Pakistan that it will be ‘soft’ so to speak…as in with as few Pakistani heads rolling as possible. And remember,all the Mujahideen from Pakistan to Iraq to Syria and beyond are united…meaning there are NO differences between any of them, and to them ISIS is but one of many strategies of war. And Pakistan, like the other islamic nations, stands with ISIS as there is NO difference in their core belief…that belief being with conquest and world domination in the name of islam.

So did India have it right when they cancelled today’s talks with Pakistan…I believe they did for how could they ever trust those who align themselves with and do NOT condemn barbaric terrorists out to kill us all. They cannot and that is the point…and by the way ISIS is already here to some small degree…as they are coming though our unsecured southern border while Barack HUSSEIN Obama vacations and plays golf…yet again.


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