Here’s How Late-Night Hosts Did (Or Didn’t) Cover News About Biden’s Classified Documents (Video)

The hosts of late-night comedy shows are behaving more like trained seals than comedians.

They were delivered some pretty great fodder for jokes this week with the news that Clueless Joe Biden had mishandled classified documents when he was Vice President and left them in several unsecured locations.

On Monday, the White House confirmed that classified documents were found in a filing cabinet at a Biden Think Tank at the University of Pennsylvania. The documents were discovered in early November but we’re just learning about it now, conveniently after the 2022 midterm election.

On Wednesday, a second batch of documents was found in… get this… the garage of Joe’s Washington, Delaware home next to a Corvette.

Is America headed for a recession?

If you’re not up to speed on the deets of the story, you can get all caught up by clicking on a preview of our new “Normie News” site ClashNews.

Second Set Of Classified Docs Discovered — Collapsing Previous Pro-Biden Talking Points

(That site might be a little less rowdy, but you can send the links to your normie friends and slowly Redpill them.)

Don’t forget how Biden reacted to the news of Trump having classified documents after the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago…

You’d think with all of the pearl-clutching from President Biden and the entire administration after the Biden DOJ authorized the FBI to conduct a raid on the former President’s residence in Florida, that people who call themselves comedians would find a way to make a joke or two about this clearly hilarious situation.

Unfortunately… not really.

Because, just like the Corporate Media, late-night talk shows are ideologically captured, and making fun of Joe Biden or Democrats is a non-starter.

Alex Christy, a news analyst for Newsbusters posted a thread on Twitter with the videos and a link to the Newsbuster story.

The first video is of Seth Meyers who was the most partisan in comparing the situations.

Meyer excused Biden by suggesting that the volume of what was found is what mattered and that his team had been cooperating with the requests for documents.

“Trump, on the other hand, was given multiple opportunities to come clean and refused, and yet, that has not stopped newly empowered Republicans from equating the two situations in the dumbest way possible,” said Meyer.

Actually, Seth, it looks like the “dumbest way possible” is probably your take on this story.

What Meyer didn’t mention is that as President, Trump had the authority to declassify documents at will… and Biden, as Vice President did not. It’s probably just an oversight that he failed to mention that rather significant, salient point, and not that he’s an absolute leftist hack, right?

Next up is Jimmy Kimmel, who managed not to cry (kudos!), and actually tried to make jokes (double kudos!) but they weren’t very funny.

In the clip shared by Christy, Kimmel was suggesting that both Trump and Biden should “be put in a cell together and stream it live 24/7.”

Kimmel did have a pretty good line joking about how politicians seem to be so complacent with classified documents.

“Can’t we tie a big spoon to these documents like they do with the gas station bathroom key? We’re one episode of Storage Wars away from finding out who killed JFK,” joked Kimmel.

Alright, that one wasn’t bad.

But he loses points for this one, “Any time documents are mishandled, top secret documents, it needs to be taken seriously. That’s something Republicans and Democrats believe. Although Republicans have only believed it since Monday.”

Next is James Corden, who actually tried to act like a comedian… but well, he’s still James Corden.

To be fair, he was less inclined to make the story one about Trump but did manage to squeeze in a joke about the Mar-a-Lago raid.

“Imagine how weird it would be if that second location was Mar-a-Lago. Biden’s just kept a room there this whole time. It’s in moments like this, I genuinely feel it’s a shame that Trump isn’t on Twitter, like, for these moments. We can really use the nickname Hidin’ Biden right now,” said Corden.

Colbert, the guy that made his career basically pretending to be Bill O’Reilly, couldn’t seem to find any humor at all and instead decided to take a swipe at the new GOP House Majority for being too… caucasian.

A clip of Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Hannity debunked his claim, “We have more women than ever elected before, more Hispanic members ever elected before, more African-American members in modern history.” Colbert quipped, “And that’s just George Santos. And it gets more because the new Republican majority will have twice as many men named ‘Mike’ as there are women chairing committees.”

Finally, Jimmy Fallon.

Very much like Colbert, Fallon didn’t make any jokes at all about the batches of classified material found in unsecured locations from Biden’s days as V.P., but he did make a joke about George Santos.

It’s just sad. We have comedians that think they’re reporters and reporters that want to be comedians and neither do either job well.

The one thing they both have in common… pushing the talking points of the Biden Regime that this is no big deal either by deliberate omission or using White House talking points.

These people are a joke — and they’re still not funny.

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