Harvard law professor threatens Sebastian Gorka

On Monday, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe lost his cool on Twitter and issued what can only be considered a threat of violence against former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, the Daily Caller and others reported.

“Bring it on, Gorka: make my day. Last time I broke a guy’s chin was in the 8th grade, when the a*shole made an antiSemitic slur,” he said (edited for language).

Tribe’s threat was in response to a statement made by Gorka at the Values Voter Summit when he said that he can be more effective politically as a private citizen than he ever was in the White House, telling the conference, “the left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens.”

Some wondered:


Good question.  Apparently, it’s okay as long as the professor involved hates Trump, as Tribe obviously does.

According to Truth Revolt:

At the time of this writing, Tribe has Tweeted six times since that one, and every one of those was about Donald Trump. Obsessed much? The answer is “yes.” He is forever talking anti-Trump, and was even part of drafting a lawsuit against him. He has also gone all-in on impeachment.

Gene Healy noted Tribe’s slide into the arena of the unhinged:

Unfortunately, Trump’s election seems to have rattled Tribe hard enough to knock loose both his constitutional standards and his sense of proportion. The dean of con-law professors has spent the administration’s opening months frantically hurling charges at Trump, and managing mainly to impeach his own reputation in the process.

Impeachment “Should Begin On Inauguration Day,” Tribe declared in December; by January 28, he had concluded that Trump “must be impeached for abusing his power and shredding the Constitution more monstrously than any other president in American history” — pretty impressive for a man entering the second week of his presidency.

In the first months of Trump’s tenure, Tribe floated everything from violations of the Emoluments Clause to the “cruel brand of bigotry” that supposedly motivates the travel ban to a State Department blogpost touting the “winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago, even suggesting that the president could be defenestrated on the basis of a single tweet: his March 4 claim that Obama had his “wires tapped” in Trump Tower. When law professor Johnathan Turley laughed off the idea on Morning Joe, back in March, Tribe had a mini-conniption on Twitter: “Using power of WH to falsely accuse [Obama of an] impeachable felony does qualify as an impeachable offense whether via tweet or not,” he huffed.

Now it seems Tribe wants to punch out those with whom he disagrees.

Twitchy added: “As for any fisticuffs between the professor and the Ph.D., we’d have to put our money on Gorka…”

In February 2011, I first opined that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Sadly, liberals like Tribe prove that assertion correct on just about any given day.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

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