Hannity under fire after meltdown over Paul Ryan, #NeverTrump crowd

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hannitytrumpsyriaSean Hannity, the Fox News host who has given Donald Trump an untold amount of in-kind contributions with fawning interviews and inquisitions of [score]Ted Cruz[/score], had a meltdown on Twitter because Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score], R-Wisc., said he wasn’t quite ready to support the real estate mogul who is now the presumptive GOP nominee.

It now seems that dissent is no longer permitted in Hannity’s view.

Sabotage Trump? After he’s the only one left running?  Apparently so…

So, disagreeing with Trump’s positions now means a tacit endorsement of Clinton?  Not hardly.

Hannity wasn’t finished.

Actually, Sean Hannity forgot that a large number of GOP voters did not select Trump, and according to recent surveys, nearly 70 percent of Cruz supporters still do not approve of him.

As the presumptive nominee, it is Trump’s job — not Speaker Ryan’s — to unite the GOP.  But it seems he really doesn’t care much for that, given who he just picked as his national finance chairman — a man who once worked for George Soros and worked at the hated Goldman Sachs.

Note to Hannity: Trump won the election, even though he basically destroyed the GOP to do it.  There’s nothing to sabotage.  Conservatives, unlike liberals, do not march in lock-step with anyone.  We believe in free though and an open discussion of issues.  Maybe you forget that in your quest to get him elected…

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