Hannity airs excerpts of ‘District of Corruption’ (Videos)

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On Thanksgiving, Sean Hannity aired excepts of a movie called “District of Corruption” that Hannity said “details the highest level of cronyism in Washington dating back to the Clinton administration.”

Steve Bannon, writer and director of the film and the author of “The Corruption Chronicles,” joined Hannity with executive producer Tom Fitton.

Bannon said he wanted to do a film that shows how Washington “become an imperial city.”

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“Every administration runs to be the most transparent administration,” Bannon said.

“But each one increasingly gets more power to themselves. And so, that is why using the judicial watch, kind of a David versus Goliath, a small organization that is tough as nails, that’s always confronting the administration and then taking the best of the young talent. Because mainstream doesn’t cover us,” he added.

According to Bannon and Fitton, the problem didn’t start with Obama, but things are getting much worse under his watch.

“The problem is and this film points it out that this is not going to begin, it didn’t begin with the Obama administration and it won’t end after he’s in office,” Fitton said.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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