Hamas Invasion Grants Israel An Exterminator’s License

There is no doubt the country with the most effective intelligence capability in the world is Israel. This is how it should be as it is surrounded by enemies, leaving its survival dependent upon its ability to stay one step ahead of them.

To effectively do this, Israel depends on various anti-terrorist initiatives such as infiltrating terrorist groups, using paid informants, monitoring communications, etc. Intelligence personnel are taught to look for anything out of the ordinary suggesting terrorist activity is under foot. For example, years ago Israeli intelligence rightly determined an attack was imminent when terrorist leaders suddenly relocated their mistresses outside of the soon-to-be zone of hostilities.

That said, at 6:30 a.m. on Oct. 7, Israel suffered its own 9/11 surprise attack, launched by the terrorist group Hamas and undetected by Israeli intelligence. It was the Jewish Sabbath and the morning of a festival – the last of a series of Jewish high holidays. Hamas initiated an unprecedented, multi-front attack in which an estimated 5,000 rockets were fired. New, short-range rockets carrying up to 200 kg of explosives were fired in dense waves so as to overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome system, which is designed to intercept those projected to hit higher populated areas. Drones, which have proven very effective in the Ukraine conflict, were also employed against Israel.

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Meanwhile, from the Gaza Strip, which Israel abandoned in 2005 and was taken over by Hamas two years later, thousands of terrorists (so far 1,500 militant bodies have been identified) infiltrated Israel’s borders in numerous locations by air, sea and land, killing hundreds of Israelis as they did so. In a well-planned attack, they “rode into Israel on Toyota pickup trucks armed with machine guns and on motorcycles with one terrorist riding and another shooting bursts of automatic fire.” Reports indicate terrorists infiltrated from Jordan as well.

Disembarking from their vehicles, they went door-to-door where stunned occupants were either killed or taken hostage. Approximately 150 hostages were captured, including in one case the parents of a baby left alone crying for them. Hamas boasts it has taken enough hostages to negotiate the release of all Palestinian Authority prisoners held in Israel.

At least 44 Israeli soldiers were killed in the initial onslaught with others also taken hostage. Terrorists holed up in the Sderot Police Station killed 20 Israeli policemen before orders were given to blow up the building. Over 1,200 Israelis are said to have died with thousands more wounded. Bodies of the dead reveal that Hamas terrorists took great pleasure in defiling them whether men, women or children.

In the Gaza envelope settlements, terrorists invaded 22 of them, killing whole families. If residents retreated to their airtight bomb shelters, those homes were set on fire. It took Israeli forces four hours to respond. Its air force began bombing Hamas occupied buildings, forgoing its normal policy of providing occupants prior notice of a bombardment so as not to endanger any civilians.

Tragically, the bodies of 260 young Israelis attending a music festival near the Gaza border were discovered, many having failed initially to hear the approaching gunfire due to the loud music before being cut down. Several of the victims were foreign nationals, including Americans.

Yet, as Israel mounted its response, the 57-member bloc of Muslim countries known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation unsurprisingly but outrageously condemned “the Israeli military aggression that led to the fall of hundreds of martyrs and wounded among the Palestinian people.”

Hamas also encouraged the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah to join in the attack. U.N. peacekeepers in south Lebanon reported an exchange of fire occurred, initiated by Hezbollah on Sunday morning, to which Israeli forces immediately responded. Hezbollah threatens to open a second front against Israel should it invade Gaza.

Additionally, unconfirmed reports indicate that Afghan Taliban have requested safe passage through Iran and Iraq to join Hamas in the conflict. Interestingly, American weapons abandoned to the Taliban in Afghanistan are now in the hands of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, Middle East interests aligned with Iran – i.e., senior leaders in Iraq and Yemen – have threatened to attack U.S. targets should it intervene on Israel’s behalf.

There has not been such a failure by Israeli intelligence since the 1973 Yom Kippur War from which a battered Israel was fortunate enough to survive by the skin of its teeth. Whether the recent civil unrest in Israel redirected the focus of its intelligence agencies, catching them flat footed, remains to be determined.

Comparable casualties are mounting on the Palestinian side as Israel responds to the attack, although it, unlike Hamas, is putting its focus primarily on military targets. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in Hamas-loving Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., posting her concerns about Palestinian victims while failing to even mention those in Israel or that it is Hamas that is responsible for initiating the attack:

“Reminder, Gaza doesn’t have shelters or an iron dome and to please pray for them. May peace prevail in the region and move us towards a moral awakening to care about the human suffering we are seeing. Palestinians are human beings who have been in besieged and are deserving of protection from the international community.”

Omar writes such drivel as online video shows Hamas fighters driving around with dead Israelis in their vehicles, desecrating the corpses and celebrating.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared Israel is now “at war” with Hamas and has vowed to inflict an “unprecedented price” on the terrorist group.

While Hamas and the Iranian government represent two major conflicting Muslim sects – the former Sunni, the latter Shiite – Tehran helps to fund, train and equip Hamas. (The obvious logic here is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.) It is no coincidence then that only weeks after President Joe Biden rewarded Tehran for the release of five American prisoners it unjustly held by releasing $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran undoubtedly gave Hamas the green light for this massive attack, providing it with a vast supply of rockets and drones. (This $6 billion asset release came on the heels of a $10 billion asset release in July.) Hamas has announced officially that Iran provided support for the attack.

The extensiveness of the attack indicates it was planned for months and would not have received Iran’s blessing until it received the $6 billion in assets. As other world leaders condemned the attack, an Iranian spokesman unabashedly praised it as “a proud operation.” U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reports we have “not yet seen evidence” of direct or indirect Iranian involvement despite the fact Hamas boasts Tehran helped it plan the attack.

There are two actions Israel must now undertake.

First, Israel clearly recognizes Hamas and Hezbollah are Iranian proxies that, along with Iran, are committed to the Jewish state’s destruction. But the invasion should convince Israel it can no longer pursue a policy of attack/counter-attack in dealing with Hamas. It must make clear its total intolerance for a terrorist group demonstrating a “wanton brutality and ruthlessness” that has violated international law and trampled upon “the very essence of humanity.”

Israel is now undertaking a complete siege of Gaza. The Israeli defense minister made clear “no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel” would be allowed in. Once again the Palestinian people suffer due to the outrageous acts of a terrorist group unconcerned about their welfare.

The Hamas invasion has now given Israel a license to undertake the drastic action of “completely dismantling Hamas and targeting its leadership for elimination … (in order) to eradicate an immediate and profound threat.” Hamas undoubtedly expects retribution, which is why it took hostages and will threaten to execute them should Israel undertake such an effort – which it must.

Should there be any doubt that Israel is fully justified in exercising an exterminator’s license, one need only consider the absolute barbarity of the terrorists, evidenced by the discovery Hamas had slain 40 babies in a nursery, some of whom were killed by decapitation.

The international community must now understand that for as long as Hamas exists, the two-state solution is dead.

Second, only after the last Hamas attacker is killed or captured, Israel needs to conduct a thorough investigation into the intelligence failure that allowed this invasion to occur undetected.

Just as was done in 1948, there must be a rekindling of the unity and determination the Jews demonstrated to establish their own state after German dictator Adolf Hitler sought to annihilate them during World War II. And that involves the extermination of anyone who dares tread on them.

The Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese surprise attack against the U.S. at Pearl Harbor caused the man who planned it, Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, to write in his diary: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” It is clear from its failed intelligence, Israel was caught asleep at the wheel on Oct. 7. It now needs to unleash its “terrible resolve.”

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