Guns For Churches?

guns for churches
Is it time for churches to be armed now?

For the first two hundred and thirty years of the USA’s existence, churches and pastors were very much respected and honored.  Both were considered important to the community.  But that has drastically changed in the last decades as militants of the left rise up in the USA.

As I write this, America is grieving for twenty six Christians who were viciously gunned down in their church in Texas.  The killer was a hardcore leftist who preached atheism and hated the Christian Church because he believed it to be the foundation for conservative politics.

As “America’s Leading Liberalologist,” I have been studying the problem of liberalism and I can confidently say that the foundation of liberalism is the rejection of God and His moral law. Liberalism cannot survive in a land where faith in God is strong, therefore we can expect to see more violent attacks on Christian churches as the left fights to advance their immoral agendas.

Therefore, as a Christian American man, I am calling for the men of the church to protect and defend their church families.  In the Old Testament, Nehemiah was sent to repair the broken down walls of Jerusalem and when the enemies of God threatened Nehemiah and his workers, they did their work with one hand while carrying a spear or sword in other hand.  In fact, Nehemiah posted some of the workers as armed guards.

In the New Testament, the apostles of Jesus Christ carried short swords.  This was acommon practice in Israel for the people to protect themselves from robbers.  Peter used his to try to defend Christ when government thugs came to arrest him.  Christ scolded Peter because the arrest was part of the plan, but Christ never scolded Peter for carrying a sword.  Christ told him to put the sword away, but never told him to throw it away.

It has become necessary for Christian Churches to boldly defend themselves against murderers, and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms clearly applies to churches.    Some will say “but what about the command to turn the other cheek”?
Turning the other cheek refers to personal insults, not to a murderer who is trying to kill your children.

As a former law enforcement officer I recommend that several members of the congregation take a concealed carry course and get their permits.  They should then evaluate the strategic layout of the church and position themselves where they can confront intruders. The “security team” should be alert to strangers and take note of any bags they have that could conceal a weapon.  The team should also be able to spot the imprint of a holster under clothing.  Once the service begins, the doors should be secured with a church member standing guard and ready to let in latecomers.

A good video security system should be in place that can capture clear video of all activity on the property, including vehicles entering and leaving.  When a shooting like the Texas incident happens, it quickly becomes a confusing mess.  Video can show exactly who did what.

Lastly, most shooters will visit the church at least once before they strike.  When greeting visitors, church members should have security in the back of their mind.  If something seems off about the visitor, the pastor and security should be quietly notified.

Welcome to the America that liberalism has delivered. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


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Bill Finlay

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and spent most of my life in the Colorado Rockies. Today, I do video blogs as "Wild Bill for America" with the mission of calling this nation back to the "God and Country" principles upon which the USA was founded.

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