Gun Raffles in New York – New Legislation Targets Them

Anti-gunners now after gun raffles in New York have introduced legislation to ban games of chance that have guns as prizes. New York State Senator Jim Gaughran (D-Long Island) introduced the legislation in the Senate several months after Rep Jo Anne Simon introduced it in the Assembly, according to Auburn Publishing. While it didn’t seem to go anywhere in the Assembly, it has a chance of passage in the New York Senate, and could move through the legislature next year.

gun raffles
Photo of Sig Sauer P210 9mm via Ammoland

Numerous non-profits and volunteer fire departments use gun raffles in New York, as well as across the country, as fund-raisers for needed equipment. Democrats don’t care about that, they only care that it’s a gun.  And Senator Gaughran is misleading the citizens of New York by claiming that “you can walk out of a catering venue with a gun.” No, Senator you can’t. But then lies and stupidity seem normal for Democrats these days.

“You shouldn’t be able to simply walk into a catering venue and walk out owning a firearm. This law will protect public safety and advance New York’s commitment to common sense gun reform. You can’t raffle off a bottle of wine, so why can you raffle off a weapon of war?” Senator Jim Gaughran

Deliberately deceptive. With raffles, background checks must be conducted for the winners. If they can’t pass the  background check, they won’t get the gun. It’s that simple. There is NOT ONE case of a mass shooter that won their gun in a raffle. The whole thought by this NY Senator is ludicrous. Not to mention that whole left-wing talking point about guns being “weapons of war.”

In fact, AR rifles aren’t generally raffled at the Friends of the NRA events. This year, the prizes include: “the 2019 gun of the year set, a Sig Sauer P210 American Standard 9 mm pistol, decked out with a Friends of NRA decal. Other prizes include a Kimber Micro 9 mm with NRA logo, Henry single shot brass .45-70 with a logo, and Mossberg 500 Pump-Action 12-gauge shotgun combo.”

In addition to this over-the-top legislation, Gaughran also worked hard last year to cause a restaurant that is NOT in his district to cancel an NRA fund-raiser at their venue. The Nassau County Friends of the NRA was to hold an event at the Inn at New Hyde Park. He failed miserably last year, when 600 people came to the event. Packed house and only a handful of protesters.

He timed the introduction of the bill to that event this year in an effort to bring protesters to the venue, and pressure them to cancel once again.

“Sen. Gaughran is simply trying to do everything he can to associate all law-abiding gun owners (and NRA members) and reputable and respectable firearms events with criminals, mass-murders, terrorists, gang members and drug-dealers…In view of the fact that there has never been a single reported case of a firearm obtained from a Friends of NRA event used in the commission of a crime, since this events inception 27 years ago — what this amounts to is nothing more than political grandstanding by a freshman state senator.” Laurence Dittmer,  a founding member of the NRA Inaugural Committee to Patch.com

What’s the agenda against gun raffles? It’s purported to be for ‘gun safety.’ But in fact, it’s an attempt to destroy lawful gun ownership in America, and make us all sound ‘dangerous.’

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